When do you climb back in the saddle.

A loaded question often asked returning from a super long endurance race.

It’s personal ,no book, no google search truly has the answer…

Personally you’ll know when the time is right. A few things that will really help speed up recovery is an anti inflammatory protocol straight after the race and for a few days following that.. flushing the toxins and replenishing the depleted cells of glycogen & those important fats… yip fats that super fuel.

Hot cold treatments ,get into the sea salt waters a wonderful recovery aid – grab a few regular rub outs “not a big fan of deep tissue massage” – hydrations

Critical and drink on thirst only, have a balanced approach to those needy treats, you’ll go mad if you don’t reward yourself.

Do things you don’t often get a chance to do, spend more valuable time with family friends etc…

For me recovery from race around Ireland was – 7days of nothing, nada not a tap & I needed it ….listen to your body and more importantly for me my mind.. even though the body felt good enough after 3/4 days the mind just couldn’t look at the bike, I just hadn’t the motivation to sling that leg over the bar. You must be right upstairs to start back , why bother your fighting a loosing battle if the heads not in the game.. time away makes for a better day not a long delay.

First day back i aim for a recovery 1hr ride – second 1.5hr and by day 4/5 2hrs and then build it back to my regular weekly routine… maintance – motivation – mind management.

Or simply

Your supply of craft beers are depleted.

There’s not a drop of red wine to be got.

The shop keeper raises his eyebrow as you buy your 10th tub of Ben & Jerry “that week”

The kids lunch box treats are raided & finally your waste belt needs a extra loosing.

Then It’s time…..

34days and counting the voodoo performance team saddle up to take on our next global endurance race… will announce it soon.

Hope this helps others


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