The summit bid is on…

Jason Black

The summit bid is on …keep you posted. “Somehow”

My time has come to say goodbye as my Mt Everest summit awaits at 29.089ft  (8848m).But before I go today its hard not to look back and remember fondly those early days roaming the Irish hills as a young cub-scout unconsciously laying a great foundation, my Sylvia compass in one hand and a dew damp map in the other navigating my way around a set up course hoping to correctly hit all the right co ordinances ,competing to be first finished.those days were so enjoyable with life long friends Clive, Keith Francie Adrain & Brian who can be still seen out enjoying the wonderful great outdoors Especially close to my heart Mt Errigal ,as we beat back the painful endurance of the Irish recession, if only for a few hours weekly.
So from Mt Errigal to today, I stand accountable infront of the wonder of the higest mountain in the world Mt Everest , so what has she in store for me,i ask myself.
Over the last 4/5weeks I’ve lived a life in a sometimes claustrophobic tent staring endlessly at my domed surface roof with a frosty icy surface that sparkles above as my head torch lights up my own personal sky.
Eating noodle soup day after day and an offering of an alternative flavor of tomato chicken or mushroom feels like Christmas morning but beggars can’t be choosers …lol.
Yes expedition life on mt Everest quickly removes you from all the simple sensual pleasures of modern home life and its simply down to survival at these crazy super high altitudes.
Yet today I feel a real sense of pride and ambition as I pack away my Donegal and Irish flag into my summit rucksack, I’ve a feeling of pleasurable anticipation and a surge of excitement yet flanked with a sense of responsibility to be the first to deliver the Donegal flag to the highest summit in the world and I wrote that with a lump in my throat.
For five weeks this mountain “Mt Everest” has been everything to me I feel I’ve become part of its heartbeat, it’s been my shellfish life,& I’ve been consumed totally with its majestic slender as it stands boastfully above all others in the world and the physical mental and emotional demands it has heavily placed upon me, taking me sometimes to within a human hair of breaking point, it’s been hard, hard work but pleasurable.
Defying some of my skeptics today I set of on my final leg to the top of the world. Checked and double checked I’ve all my gear for survival, hats gloves down suit moon boots – pee bottle lol , face pasted layer thick with sun cream ready for the blazing solar radiation at 10 times sea level strength.
Today’s a beautiful day. I woke to the days beautiful sunrise, mind full of mixed emotions could it be my last or will I stand proudly with the greatest view in the world , am I ready?, can I do this?, but how wonderful to have this chance to find out.
What a privilege to be here, and on this famous stage, playing out this final scene saying to myself, Jason – your never going to get a better chance, be proud be very very proud.
What a treat, I can hardly believe this is happening ,who could have imagined I would of ended up here?. A proud Donegal man from out the ramelton road, magheranan, acting the maggot and having great fun as a skinny young leap-about.
But life’s strange path has brought me here in a strange unpredictable way, it has led inexorably to this moment, as though all those other life adventures were a preparation for this greatest adventure of all…Lastly before I set of I’d like to thank everyone for there wonderful support & good wishes.

I hope to do you all proud.

To my family thank you for allowing me to follow my dream and I will be forever grateful.

Finally Sharon, Laura, Kate, Billy & wee Ella words are immeasurable at this crossroads ..

Now I’m off to physically stand closer – if only for a brief moment in time, with my Mother Freda and my brother Billy since there untimely departure from this world.


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  1. Michael Black (cuz)

    Doing us proud cuz,unbelievable achievement and we will look fwd to the summit pics. Stay safe and talk soon.

  2. Dave stewart

    All my prayers and biggest best wishes my friend.


  3. Matthew starritt

    One last push big man…. Keep safe….

  4. Pat McDermott

    JB the time has come. All the hard work has been done, you’ve even endured a week climbing frozen waterfalls with me, which was a great achievement given that there was no ice left by the time I got up. Positive mental attitude you can do it , slow and steady, one foot I front of the other and don’t forget to breath. Best of luck. Pat

  5. Neville matthews

    Very very best of luck hope it all goes well ill be thinking of you keep the revs up

  6. Michelle D

    Great update. Special time for you Jason, You’re doing really great. Keep safe.

  7. Kieran Gavin

    You have already done us proud. Keep well and fly the flag. You left a man from the hills and now you are the man from the mountain.

  8. paul doherty

    Awe inspiring stuff jason.. Have loved the blog and cant wait for the book..! The very best of luck for the final push and stay safe.

  9. Patrick Mc Cauley

    Unreal achievement Jason! Your a true inspiration for all of us and Letterkenny is proud to have an ambassador such as your self. Take Care and enjoy the view at the top of the world!

  10. lurgybrack 6th Class

    Friday 10th May
    We have been following your blog every morning in school and discussing your progress. We have gathered lots of questions to ask you when you come back.We wish you the best of luck and hope you summit Everest Safely soon and that the weather conditions are good.
    From all of Mrs.Daly’s 6th Class, Lurgybrack

    P.S. did you know that Alex Ferguson retired and that David Moyes will replace him?, and that Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund are in the Champions League final?

  11. pierce

    best of luck now from pierce tanya rachael emily and ruth stay safe and see you soon

  12. Gus O Driscoll

    Go n-éirí an bóthar leat ! Best of luck from Wet n Wild

  13. Stephen Sweeney

    May the force be with you big guy! Good luck stay safe and conquer that mother! Luv the blogs.

  14. Brian Gallagher

    Jason Best of luck on the final assent

    From Brian, Christine and all the staff at The station house

  15. Boyd Robinson

    Good luck dude you can do it now. When the chips are down I have no doubt you will come battling through. See you soon for that beer.

  16. Linda Fogarty

    Hi Jason we all behind you Heaving you on ,take care and yes be very proud of yourself x

  17. adrian wasson

    best of luck you can do see you soon

  18. Emma

    Jason!! Can’t describe how awesome this is. So unbelievably proud of everything you’ve achieved so far, more than anything that most people could ever hope
    to achieve. As you said many a time in Nepal “it’ll be done, it’ll be done” Go for it, enjoy every second and most of all stay safe. All my positive energy and thoughts are with you and Sherpa Nima Much love and hugs dude! Emma X

  19. Karl Sweeney

    Good Man Jason – Love the updates !! Good luck with the final push & stay safe…

  20. Eileen F

    Wishing you all the luck in the world

  21. Lorraine Tourish

    Good luck Jason, we know you can do it, stay safe and see you soon from all the hard workers in the shop 🙂 🙂

  22. Mary larkin

    Seek, strive, succeed, that sums your amazing journey.This story will be a best seller, told from the heart. Your vivid descriptions have allowed us to be part of this adventure,have enjoyed evry step. Stay safe, marvel n the view that awaits u n bottle these wonderful memories.thoughts n prayers r with u. NOW CARPE DIEM! !XXX

  23. Gerard O' Reilly

    Wonderful, sensitive, heart felt Blog Jason. Say hello to big sis and wee Billy for me. We are so so proud of you. Next step top of the world Jason, top of the world. God bless, see you soon. X

  24. Jim and Jella.

    Doing us all proud Jason.
    Take care and enjoy the best view in the world

  25. Helen Kelley

    God Jason your blog and especially your final sentiment has brought tears to my eyes. You are in our prayers and we have no doubt that you will achieve your goal. You are being watched over from above and below, stay safe, Helen & Tim xx

  26. Tony Watters

    Yes Jason,
    all the best dude… great reading up on your blog! Enjoy the View!! 🙂
    chat soon T

  27. Marty McCabe

    Best of luck Jason on your amazing journey (love the blog ) your nearly there now so keep doing what your doing and enjoy following your dream .

  28. sinead nic cumhaill

    We will be thinking of you in the days ahead and keeping you in our prayers. David says tell the film crew to keep their distance! Tír Chonaill Abú! LoL … that’s the other, old-fashioned one … lots of love, Sinéad, David, Gráinne and Órlaith

  29. Chris Ashmore

    Awe-inspiring. Incredible. Wishing you every success and a safe return.

  30. mark shaw

    jason your mother,billy and God are with you all the way.Go stand with donegal on top of the wourld,keep safe and Godbless.

  31. Brian McFadden

    Jason, May the path rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of his hand. Take care and come back safe. Brian

  32. Louise Alcorn

    What an awesome challenge.. And now on the cusp of realising your dream.. Safe climbing, Lou

  33. Patrick Lynch

    So very well written Jason. Best of luck with the final push. You can do it.

  34. Kevin finn

    Good luck and god bless from the Finn house.

  35. Kathryn Russell

    Not a dry eye in the house, beautiful blog. All so proud of you, we’l have some party when you come home safe. Take care and get up there 🙂
    Love Kathryn, Tina, Manda, Marie, Michael and Nancy x

  36. Jerry

    Best of luck Jason wish I was with you. be safe.

  37. paul madigan

    all the best Jason bring her home safe!

  38. Gráinne Higgins

    Best of luck, Jason! We’re all thinking of you and cheering you on down here in Tipp… You’re doing brilliantly, great stuff! Take care, great blog, really enjoyed reading it, Gráinne xx

  39. Denis sheridan

    Good luck Jason u r in my thoughts I have read many books about Everest this is nerve racking stay safe on top of the world we at the bottom are praying fot you.

  40. lisa geraghty

    Best of luck to u Jason, you are in our thoughts and prayers. So proud of you. love from Lisa John & kids, Thomas Rose Steven and Debs. xx

  41. Aoife Hegarty

    I’m sure Billy and Freda have their arms wrapped around you tight Jason. Take care..

  42. Ciara black

    Super proud of u cuz, can’t believe ur nearly there, u’ve been doin brilliant.. Safe journey now 2 the top. Take care cuz xx

  43. Mary Mike Harry Josh O'Brien

    Stay safe Jason. Our thoughts are with you.
    Xx Mike Mary Harry & Josh

  44. Mary Mike Harry Josh O'Brien

    Stay safe Jason. Our thoughts are with you.Keep on pushing!
    Xx Mike Mary Harry & Josh

  45. Denis ferry

    Great stuff Jason
    Last time we met was a few short weeks ago , when you were heading up errigal just before you left and now your nearly at the top of the world !!
    This is living the dream……
    Keep safe and get that flag flying !

  46. Stephen Shevlin

    Yes get the Flag up there, you can do it Jason

  47. June Nelson

    Namaste Jason, keep safe and a word of warning – don’t get that pee bottle mixed up with your water bottle!!!! Looking forward to your next blog x june

  48. John Russell

    All of Donegal rooting for you Jason courage and determination were 2 things you never lacked and you will need both in abundance. Good luck

  49. Dervla

    We are always so so proud of you Jason. take on this stage of your challege like you do everything in life by giving it your all. Mammy and Billy will be with you every step of the way. You inspire us to be the best we can be and to call you my brother fills my heart with love and pride. Keep safe Love you ,
    Dervla Terry Gareth & Aimee xx

  50. Angela ward

    So so proud of you Jason. I really enjoy reading your blog.
    Keep up the positive attitude and stay safe.

  51. Lorraine Tourish

    Hi Jason,

    Good luck, we know you can do it, stay safe and can’t wait to see pics.
    from all the hard working staff in the shop 🙂 🙂

  52. Anne

    Loving reading your blogs Jason, best of luck with the final push, stay safe and hope the rest of the journey goes well for you, cant wait to see the pics especially the Donegal flag flying from the top of Everest. 😀

  53. Kevin Moore

    Inspirational. Hoping and wishing you a fabulous view when you summit.

  54. john logue

    Onwards and upwards Jason, may your God go with you and keep you safe. You’ll be glad to know that your Everest acclimatisation training will be perfect for the current Donegal weather. Father Brian says you’re in his prayers too. Ps. It’s easier if you go up after the council gritter.

  55. eileen

    have a tear in my eye reading your blog cuz, i feel so so proud of you. say hi to aunty freda and wee cuz billy for me. they will be with you every step of your journey to the top of the world. have a safe journey and keep safe, i will pray for you till you get home safe to us all again, love you x

  56. Brian G.

    Hanging out for the good news Jason and safe return …

  57. Cathalmcdaid

    Great guns lad and keep er safe ……… 😉 more good news on the cycling front Philip is in tour of California as you know on second stage took bull by horns went for a break 4 k out split the field caught by two came in third hell of a ride in 50/60 deg heat and as result now is sitting third over all with 27 second gap to front sage two that was Monday 13/05/2013 ……. Tuesdays stage three no change to top ten still sitting in great third place now if that don’t help you up that hill nothing will 😉 MAY THE GODS BE WITH YOU 😉

  58. Mark Ponsonby

    to the top! enjoy every second of it. safe journey back.

    Mark P

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