Boared of just hiking – Join The HiKKER Series and undertake the toughest hikes and scrambles in Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. 

Next Level HiiKERs

Join The HiKKER Series and we will show you the ultimate hiking and scramble experience in Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.

Premium package

Access to the custom built Jason Black ultimate HiiKER series mapping app that is dedicated to building the next level hiking experience.

Personalized Support

Guided by Irelands leading Jason Black mountaineers on a personalised experience ensuring your safety is our priority.

The Hiiker Series Dates

18th May
Loch Cruaichte Horseshoe
15th June
Poisoned Glen Horseshoe
20th July
Coumloughra Horseshoe
3rd August
Annalong Valley Horseshoe
21st September
Glencoaghan Horseshoe


The HiiKER SERIES is for those board of just hiking and is looking to take on a more challenging experience under professional guidance. You need to be in good physical shape and keen for a next level grade 5 hiking and scrambling experience.

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Each HiiKER Series offers a unique opportunity to challenge yourself on big day out on the hills, scrambling gullies, navigating knife-edge ridges to scaling granite slopes and traversing glaciated valleys.
Either you're a seasoned hiker seeking new challenging extreme hikes or an adventurous spirit craving exploration, the HiiKER Series will meet your next level exceptions. The plan for the HiiKER Series community is to undertakes the hardest hikes in Ireland England Scotland and Wales in the not too distant future. 



Co. Kerry

Loch Cruaichte Horseshoe

Located in County Kerry, Mt. Brandon stands as one of Ireland’s most imposing peaks, offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. 

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The Faha Ridge route presents a challenging yet rewarding ascent, characterized by knife-edge ridges, deep sandstone valleys, and vertiginous cliffs that will put your scrambling skills to the test.

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Co. Donegal

Poisoned Glen Horseshoe

Nestled in the heart of Co. Donegal, the Poisoned Glen is renowned for its dramatic landscapes and panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. 

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The scramble route takes hikers on a journey through this enchanting valley, offering glimpses of marble church, granite cliff faces, and the majestic silhouette of Mt. Errigal.

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Co. Kerry

Coumloughra Horseshoe

Located in the heart of Kerry, the Coumloughra Horseshoe is renowned for its rugged beauty and dramatic mountain scenery.

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The route takes hikers on a journey through massive glaciated valleys, knife-edge ridges, and panoramic vistas that stretch as far as the eye can see.

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Co. Down

Annalong Valley Horseshoe

Nestled in County Down, Slieve Binian is a prominent peak in the Mourne Mountains, known for its dramatic cliffs and breathtaking views.

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A route that takes hikers on a journey through caves, hidden lakes, and granite summit tors, offering a unique perspective on this iconic landscape.

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Glencoaghan Horseshoe

Co. Galway

Glencoaghan Horseshoe

Situated in Co. Galway, the Glencoaghan Horseshoe is renowned for its knife-edge ridges, rugged peaks, and stunning views.

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The route takes hikers on a journey through six separate peaks, each offering its own unique perspective on this iconic landscape.

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A couple of happy young hikers backpacking on a beautiful rocky trail

All 5 Routes

The Complete HiiKER Series

From the peaks of Mt. Brandon in Co. Kerry to the vistas of Glencoaghan Horseshoe in Co. Galway. Your bundle stays open until you complete the series.

Led by the professionals over exhilarating scrambles, knife-edge ridges, rocky slopes to stunning summit viewpoints.

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  • International event
  • Highly skilled guides

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  • Jason Black custom Hiiker Series navigational mapping.
  • Ireland England Scotland & Wales most challenging routes.
  • Expert designed itinerary.
  • Wilderness first responders
  • 15% Outdoor gear discount



No, the Hiiker Series is not suitable for beginners. It offers a next-level hiking experience designed for experienced hikers in good physical shape. Participants should be prepared for grade 5 hiking challenges under professional guidance. It's important to ensure that you have prior hiking experience and adequate physical fitness before embarking on this series.


The Hiiker Scrambling Series demands a high level of fitness. Participants should be in good physical shape and have prior experience with challenging hikes. The routes involve demanding scrambles and traverses across rugged terrain, requiring strength, endurance, and agility to navigate safely.




  • Walking boots (with ankle support, not trail shoes or trainers)

  • Head Torch (as backup)

  • Waterproof jacket and trousers

  • Hiking socks (wearing a single pair recommended, rather than using a liner sock)

  • Backpack (approx. 20 litre size)

  • Water container (bottle or Camelpak-style, 1-2 litres)

  • Food & hill snacks (pasta, cereal bars, dried fruit, nuts)

  • Gloves

  • Hat (covering ears)

Recommended, optional

  • Sunglasses & suncream

  • Walking poles

  • Light shoes / sandals

  • Thermal underwear

  • Backpack rain cover

Recommended clothing

  • Walking trousers (lightweight hiking trousers, not jeans or tracksuit trousers)

  • Sports top (not cotton)

  • Warm outer layer

  • Changes of clothes

  • Personal First Aid kit 

  • Foot care kit

  • Blister care packs

  • Antiseptic cream

  • A tick hook

  • Duct tape

  • Triangular bandage

  • A wound dressing

  • A crepe bandage

  • A roll of general purpose medical tape

  • A selection of plasters and/or Compeed-style blister plasters

  • Scissors or a knife

  • A few pairs of rubber or plastic gloves

Adventure + Expertise + Purpose
Jason Black

Jason Black

International Expedition Leader

Commitment to Safety and Environment

Jason’s commitment to safety standards, extensive mountain knowledge, and adventure travel experience set him apart. 

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The small group approach adopted by Jason Black Mountaineering offers significant advantages, including a better guide-to-client ratio, reduced environmental impact, and a stronger team dynamic. Putting purpose before profit, the agency prioritizes empowering local communities by employing locals and supporting local businesses, aiming to contribute to the balance of global inequalities.

World Leading Mountaineer

At the helm of Jason Black Mountaineering is Jason Black himself, a renowned International Expedition Leader and International Mountain Leader.

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With a remarkable list of achievements, including summiting Mount Everest and the formidable K2, Jason holds multiple world records in high-altitude mountaineering. His feats, such as being the fastest to summit Kilimanjaro twice and completing the Aconcagua traverse in record time, establish him as one of the world's leading high-altitude mountaineers.

As an endurance athlete, Jason's passion for testing his physical and mental capabilities remains undiminished. His accolades include being awarded Ireland's National Outdoor Athlete of the Year for his historic summit of K2.

The Future of Adventure

 inspiring individuals and organizations, and leaving a lasting positive impact on both the adventure and humanitarian fronts. 

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We are Inspiring individuals and organizations, and leaving a lasting positive impact on both the adventure and humanitarian fronts. Join us on a transformative expedition, where purpose, passion, and the thrill of the great outdoors converge.

What our clients say

Bernadette GlancyBernadette Glancy
23:26 26 Nov 22
On the 23rd July 2022 I arrived in Moshi ,Tanzania Africa. I had not been to Africa before.From all angles I could see the "Mountain" Kilimanjaro after arrival.. It was very clear to me from the engagement with the locals ,the Mountain is everything to the native people of Moshi, its their livelihood. They get no support from the government, even during covid virus .They depend on us visitors coming to climb there Mountain .That's how they earn the salary ,I seen the guides that accomplished my group for the week on the mountain , form a queue to collect the salary the day we returned from summitting the great Mountain. .Jason Black has built a relationship with these local guides ,everything is transpairable and a trust has been formed between Jason and the Lipman team(African guides). The same team that accomplished him in 2014 to accomplish a world record on that same Mountain. It occurred to me the day we arrived all the natives knew Jason Black, they were shaking his hand in the markets and almost everyone seemed to know him. He has such respect for this tribe of Moshi people and there Mountain. Jason was the perfect choice of Mountaineer for me to accomplish my goal/to Summit Kilimanjaro at 59yrs my age at time of achievement. The miracle is ,I choose Jason Black as my leader and anything is possible after that I discovered.AmenBernadette Glancy >Carrick on Shannon
Donal Mc GuinnessDonal Mc Guinness
15:32 24 Nov 22
I climbed Kilimanjaro with Jason in August 2022. This trip was truly amazing. From the first moment I contacted Jason I knew this trip would be a genuine African experience. We visited local villages, attractions and a coffee plantation. For me this part of the trip was as good as the Kilimanjaro experience. The Porter crew on the mountain were excellent and very friendly. The food was great and I am very proud to say that my whole group made it to the top! We all had the same mindset of wanting to take our time on each walk, taking lots of photos and having lots of breaks. I cant wait for my next adventure with Jason Black.
Jennifer DohertyJennifer Doherty
13:18 24 Nov 22
In May 2022 I trekked to Everest base camp with Jason and a group from Donegal. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Jason prepared us so well before and answered every question we had. We experienced the busyness of Kathmandu before taking the non-commercial route to base camp which was really special. Jason’s love of Nepal and respect for the local people was evident every day. He took time to get to know everyone in our group on a personal level and allowed everyone to be themselves. The fact that I am blind was never an obstacle and he made sure to describe everything and let me touch as much as possible on the way so that I didn’t miss out on anything. He challenged us to push ourselves more every day but we always had lots of fun. He is such a positive person to be around with a great respect for nature and other human beings. I’ve learned a lot from him and I’m looking forward to more adventures in the future 🙂
Gerardine O'ConnorGerardine O'Connor
11:25 19 Jun 22
Walking in Donegal - what a fantastic weekend in a beautiful place!As a lone traveller, my time at Everest Lodge was more than I could have expected. The warm Donegal welcome, the wonderful homemade food and the easy comfortable atmosphere all made for an unforgettable time. Jason's intuitive capacity to support and guide enabled me, and I believe all of us in the group, to leave on Sunday with a sense of accomplishment, awareness, and the inspiration to crack on with the next adventure, whether big or small. I had the best time ever.
Imelda HurleyImelda Hurley
23:11 31 May 22
May 2022 - I had a fantastic weekend hiking with Jason and staying at the lovely Everest Lodge - with four others who were also there for the weekend. Despite Jason’s incredible achievements, his demeanour is so ‘down to earth’ and his focus during our stay was on ensuring we were appropriately challenged while hiking, we felt fully at home at Everest Lodge and we had a lot of fun along the way. The ‘Ireland Walking Weekend’ surpassed my expectations at every level and I’d highly recommend hiking with Jason whenever the opportunity arises.
Yvonne SlatteryYvonne Slattery
19:13 29 May 22
I had a wonderful weekend with Jason and a number of walking enthusiasts in May - would recommend it to anyone, regardless of level of experience in the mountains. Whilst somewhat familiar with the main mountains in Donegal Jason showed us other areas which are kept "under wraps" and hence felt very special to a non-local. I found the guidance with navigation on the mountain particularly helpful and the food over the course of the weekend was amazing!
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