The greatest journeys all start with a single step.

Monday morning 13th July ….now three weeks into my k2 expedition, filled with trials and tribulations testing physically and mentally ,but it’s so so worth it. Today Monday I’m resting as base camp before starting back into my second rotation to the dizzy heights of 7000mts or 23.100ft camp one sleep – camp two sleep – and to just below the black pyramid between now and friday then returning to basecamp to refuel & recover ….. BUT i need you along. Before i left my beautiful Irish shores i asked you on a great adventure & possibly your own personal expedition ,the greatest journey starts with a single step …so we have begun. The place to start this journey is with finding your dream in life. Dreams are powerful, they are among those precious few intangible things that inspire us all to go to hell and back and change the world. No the dreams that can’t happen but the realistic dreams that can, a dream that will inspire you that you are prepared to sweat for I order to make it your reality. ” All of us dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of there minds awake in the day to realise it was vanity, but the dreamers that dream by day are the dangerous type, for they act out there dreams with open eyes, and may make them possible”. On this expedition I encourage you to be the dangerous type, don’t be afraid. Be the one who dreams by day and acts those dreams out making it reality. Take some time to work it out, go for a walk a swim find some clear head space, Think big Think what really makes you smile. Ask yourself what you keep you going long after everyone else around you would quit. Find those answers and their lays your dream. Whether we want to admit it of not we have have our own Everest and if we follow its calling that is when life truly becomes an adventure. Some may say today as they read ” I don’t need goals to be successful” but they would be wrong. In life it’s hard enough to reach your peak when you know where you want to go, but it’s near impossible to reach those heights if you don’t even know where the mountain range is !. In order to grow we all need goals we all must have dreams. Write them down pin them to your wall, somewhere you will see them everyday. Don’t listen to the Dream stealers because as soon as you announce your dream you will meet your all to common cynics who will look at you and smirk… We call them dream stealers. The key today is to listen to them just enough, hear them but smile inside and push on. ” Remember the key to our future success on this expedition together is going to be embracing the very same things those dream stealers are warning you about, the failure the heartache and the tears”. These are our key stepping stones on the road to success. For me when I stand at the bottom of these huge giants of mountains I can rarely see a clear route to the summit the path is misted over with clouds it twists and turns around obsticals …but the only way to climb this mother is one foot in front of the other,one step at a time. “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step”. ML king. There is never a shortage of good excuses, it’s just not the right time, the odds are stacked against me, or no one like me has ever done it before. Well you talk to one, that was me always wondering what I was truly capable of, because the mountain looked fighting from the bottom, then I starting hanging in for the ride , keeping happy and cheerful ,positive not quitting ,trusting the right people , listening to my inner voice “my gut” doing what others wont and can’t, most importantly believing I’m me and never losing sight of that goal. The magic started .. Things started to happen. We leave together at 7am in the morning .. Be ready you won’t be disappointed. Jason