So super 40winks – 11 hours to be exact and feeling great – spent the day re-hydrating. Meeting today went well with a bag of dolly mixture ideas to the way forward. So what’s agreed is spend today the 3rd and 4th May here at ABC 6400mts and I’m heading back up onto the north ridge on the 6th, why I hear you say!, well I personally don’t feel my acclimation plan has been good enough to guarantee summit success. so climb up the north face coll to 7090mts on the 6th sleep there for the night, following morning climb up to 7700mts to camp two and sleep there for the night – without oxygen if possible.
Following morning drop down to ABC directly rest and sleep for the night, following morning back to BC and total rest for days and prepare for the summit push.
Well that’s this weeks plan, I’m feeling strong enough to take on this and I feel there’s enough time to allow for full recovery.
Sherpa stew for diner tonight, bit like Irish stew only bit more spicy and off to sleep – rest and recovery is key to my next wave on Mt Everest.

Here’s to keeping it all together.


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  1. Mary larkin

    Sounds like a good plan, u r exactly right to listen to your body, hope all goes well. Reach for it. Talk soon. X

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