That’s a rap – 2017 & 35 Schools

2017 was an incredible & memorable years adventure for me but best of all and the greatest summit I’ll ever stood on is the head of class room, filled with young kids & been able to share my life, filled with challenges and battles but with a belief that with every step that cloud filled summit that at times feels like it’s in never never land is getting closer.

Thank you to all the teachers and students for your wonderful invites, smiles, selfies ,wonderful innocent questions and best of all the hot tea & home-baking. I leave this academic year heart filled with praise & pride that the young energetic teachers in Ireland today really put the kids first, endlessly encouraging and showing them the best way to be the best they can be… 2018s an exciting year for myself as I’ve raised the bar once again chasing the greatest adventures on the planet.

To have shared my last talk #35 school this year with my Dad was even more special ,as he’s the man that made me the man today…. and for that I’m forever grateful of his determined values.