Team meeting with a surprise visit race organisers Dex and Joni Tookes

Hi guys , update here on our Texas journey.

Off the bat this morning I began to assemble the bikes before heading off for a full body massage to remove some travel lactate to help prepare the body for Saturday. The crew set off into the town to organise the vehicle and get our bearings of the area. Alpine is a super rural located village in the middle of nowhere, I mean nowhere. Beautiful in its simplicity architecture typical of Wild West Texas with individual stores ,body shops,hardware ,& funky salon bars & restaurants. Locals in fantastic big hats ,boots & spurs straight up cowboys.

In the afternoon we chilled out in an Mexican Resturant sampling proper homemade burritos,faitjia so much more ,it was unreal. With the sun in full glory at 85deg it was off indoors to get into the nitty gritty of of race preparation work. The crew and I gathered together for our team briefing. This gives us a great opportunity to communicate with each other and we can all gather our thoughts and opinions about the race ahead and ensure we are all prepared for the task. The briefing went powerful and we all have a great feeling about Saturday. I for one am truly blessed to have the opportunity to travel through this outstanding state and view scenes of true magic. The Big Bend national park will throw nature at its finest at us, from difficult road surfaces to exotic wildlife. Bring it on!

I met a great man today knowing as Dex whom joined our briefing. This man truly knows the in and outs of the endurance racing life. It was inspiring to get some tips and advice from Dex that will benefit me and the team through out this challenge we are about to commence. We also met his wife Joni who could relate to life for the crew. Giving the team some useful advice. Joni has faced this race along side her husband and has finely tuned the ups and downs that it brings. One thing she that she advices us on was that Texas heat can cause issues for dehydration therefore its vital to keep the body well hydrated.

To get my head tuned in to race mode I took a spin out this evening passing through some beautiful areas of Texas. It’s amazing how such a barren state can offer so much for the eye, turns out the ranch, & the outback shack are real life things not only in childhood cowboy movies. Giving me a true insight of the race that lays ahead. Excitement at this stage is an understatement.

During the race the media team Aimee and Laura will keep yous all updated on this spectacular adventure through Texas.