K2 – tango Towers camp

K2 – tango Towers camp

Thursday 30th July and now on the second day of the trek out from K2 on route to Skardu, both days were 23kms last night stopping along side the Baltoro glacier which looks completely different from the journey in with the temperatures increasing, snow & ice melting from the surrounding mountains, the rivers now flow frantically and a welcomed foot bath after day two with 43kms done of the feet burning 95km walk out.The terrain is moraine based and with a path not very defined, the journey takes us over very bouldered ground. Last night we camped in an area called Goro2 with freezing cold temperatures and rain showers making camp life difficult as we set up. Noodle soup quickly on the pot taking the chill out of the evening. Early to bed and we collapsed camp at 5am. Quick breakfast of omelette and it was on towards Khaburuse … 23kms later I pulled in to set up camp along side the river. Temperatures were hot today the further down the glacier we went. Rolling in at 11am first job was to soak in the cold glacier water, feet that feel they have been through the wars. Noodle soup quickly on and time to rest up for an early morning departure. The views today breathtaking as we camp just in front of the famous & impressive Tango Towers and Cathedral Mountain. Jason

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  1. Terry Parker

    Way to go it will look alright the next time you pass it on the way back to K2 next year 🙂

  2. Martin

    Amazed and inspired by all your encounters with the highs and lows of the journey, well done Jason.

  3. Paul Healy

    Maybe ger was looking after you, keeping you safe

  4. Adrian friel

    Jason thank u so much for meeting us and talking to cillian he has taken alot in and realy enjoyed meeting u, we all did
    and the best of luck in your future climbs.


    1. voodooascent

      Hi Adrain
      My pleasure … so delighted to share my story and hopefully inspire others to never be afraid to step forward.

      Hope you enjoy my journey..


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