Summit next 2 days. Fingers crossed guys.

Just sitting at the yellow band at just below the death one at 8000mts – FREEZING mean really FREEZING .. Summit next 2 days .. Fingers crossed guys.
Guys can’t believe my luck switched on my phone and don’t know how this has happened but I’ve got one bar on a Chinese reception.
Anyway quickly guys I’m on the final push the last few days have been just brutal but in a sick way unbelievable. Outside of the pain the views and sights of gods play garden for the slightly mad has been just life changing and that’s a chapter for another day, life changing and inspirational and a damn good way to really find my myself.

Tonight now its 9.40 here and I’m sitting just meters from the death zone – sounds so dramatic but trust me it is.
So many life’s have been lost here already 14 about the death zone at 8000mts and sadly I lost a good friend who I met first day in Kathmandu because the route is a lonely old place we most days hooked up for a cuppa to discuss our plans ahead .
Well yesterday Namgil, who was to me a super guy became number 15 and my heart today is so heavy.
His body just gave up and he dropped on route, tomorrow on my way I will pass Namgil as he’s still up ahead and I will give him a good Irish prayerful goodbye.
So as I sit pitched high on a very, very windy north ridge – gales are 80mph +  and I hope this tent holds out or I’m for a speedy run.
Everest summit above now waits guys and I’ve got a date with distany..
Plenty of prayers very welcome.
Can serious express how much you guys mean to me and the encouragement has been breath taken I hope to do you all very proud over the next few days.

and for the kids of Donegal I’ve got some pretty quality photos to show you all.

That all for now…


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  1. Paul McClay

    all the very best of Luck from Donegal, and hope to share your experience with you when you come home !!!


  2. Boyd Robinson

    Will be praying hard for you dude. Good luck buddy can’t wait to welcome ye home.

    1. Chris Ashmore

      All the very best. Incredible. Thoughts are with you. You can do it. Safe return.

  3. sharon

    Keep going jason, we’re all so proud of you & cant wait til your home:-) summer in donegal.. đŸ™‚ x

  4. Dave Stewart

    Awesome! Big prayers and tons of luck. Dave

  5. cathal roarty

    safe up and safe home
    from all the roartys

  6. Linda Fogarty

    Go on Jason one last heave to the summit you have been great and we all right behind you take care.x

  7. Joe Hunter

    All the best Jason!

  8. Anne Russell and Family

    go for it jason……stay strong and god bless…we all want to see you on top of the world..

  9. martin

    keep it up lad , well done , your going good .

  10. Cathalmcdaid

    Keep up the good work lad hope the gods are with you for that final push sad to hear about your friend and as well as saying a prayer for you lad will also say one for him too good luck …..!!! Heads up on Philip there lad lost some time yesterday that dropped him back to fifth but he is not down or out yet TT tonight and a mountain stage tomorrow so you’ll be both claiming on the same day try to keep you up dated lad now lad take care and UP UP UP !!!;)

  11. Joe Duffy

    Best of luck Jason truly inspirational
    to see some one from Donegal take on a challenge like Mount Everest Great to see you following your dreams and the belief you have in yourself We will definitely keep saying the prayer for you

    Really enjoying the blogs

  12. gerard callaghan

    Up Magherenan big guy,between you and Philip yiz have me nerves wrecked,love and prayers GC and family

  13. Richard F

    Best of luck. Unbelievable achievement.

  14. Viona coyle

    Good luck Jason ,we have been following your amazing journey
    From Viona and all the O Donnells

  15. June Nelson

    Namaste Jason, stay safe and take it handy, you’ve got this far, no point in rushing things to get to the top, as long as you get there safely. Will say a few quiet prayers for you this evening and one for your friend. May the luck of the irish be with you, god bless x june

  16. Karen Kirwan

    I’v been praying all week for you thinking of you the next 48 hrs..take her handy now and be

  17. Michael , fiona & girls

    Our thoughts and prayers are with u Jason. Keep your strength up, ur nearly there…..

  18. Michael , fiona & girls

    Good luck Jason. Keep ur strength up, ur nearly there

  19. Ciara black

    Nearly there cuz.. Ur doin amazing.. So proud that we have a Donegal man doing this big achievement but not any Donegal man, my big cuz.. Will look 4ward 2 seeing u, here’s 2 a “blackmagic night” xxx

  20. Catriona o Donnell

    All the best Jason.All here thinking on you.Safe on your onward journey and look forward to welcoming you home.God bless from Catriona Charlie and all in the salon.x

  21. Sonia P-kelly

    Well done Jason, great achievement and can only imagine an amazing experience. Good luck with the rest of your adventure.

  22. Margaret Toner

    God Bless, Safe climb to the top Jason, were all with you in spirit and prayers and safe home.

  23. John Burke

    Well done Jason, inspirational stuff.

  24. Darragh Sampson

    Best of luck Jason ,sure sounds like some adventure, it’s been great being able to read all about your journey. Stay safe your in our prayers
    From Darragh,Moira,Killian& Eamonn x

  25. sinead nic cumhaill

    Hey Jason,
    We know you can do it, so go raibh an ghaoth le do dhroim – all 80mph of it – and push you safely to the summit. We will keep the candles lit over the weekend. Thinking of you and wishing you every success – SinĂ©ad, David, GrĂ¡inne and Ă“rlaith xx

  26. Mary larkin

    Jason,we are all thinking of you n praying for u as u complete this amazing journey.stay strong n know that we are all looking forward to your safe return Mary Dessie n gang xxx

  27. Maria & Kieran

    It’s the last leg almost there ….an incredible journey we are with you in thoughts and prayers Jason .

  28. Caitriona Carroll

    Jason you are literally in another world at this time & it’s hard for us to imagine it & none of us really can. Am sure it’s just incredible on every level. We really wish you the very very best as you get to the pinnacle of your journey & we hope everything goes your way so that you can hang those flags with pride at the highest point on this planet! (Let’s be honest, hanging them in your tent now is higher than any of us will get. LOL!). Wee Lough Derg candle burning for you & have a safe climb….and an equally safe climb on your descent also. And as the mountain says……..when EVER you need one, take a REST!!! Your family & loved ones are no doubt already super-proud of you….as no doubt the whole county is. Take care.
    Caitriona, Desie & Baby Sarah Carroll

  29. mark shaw

    good luck jason and Godbless safe home. Eternal rest grant unto Namgil, O Lord
    And let perpetual light shine upon him,
    May he rest in peace, Amen.
    May the divine assistance remain always with us and may the souls of all
    the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace, Amen.

  30. Dara

    Wow… Best of luck Jason….

  31. Kathryn Russell

    You’ve done us all proud already. Nervous are wrecked following you. Can’t wait to see you when you get home cuz, we’l all be there for you

  32. Martin connaghan

    Good luck for the next two day’s, we’re all keeping all the finger’s crossed from everybody here at Aidy’s Bar, Downtown & Voodoo.

  33. Sharon

    Your nearly at the top of the world Jason.will say a wee pray for you..take care and our lady and god help you up to the top.

  34. billy black

    Hi Jason, You are in our thoughts and prayers every day. Candles burning all the time since you left. May God keep you in his care and bring you safely back to us.We are sooooo proud of you. With love always, Dad and Una x x x

  35. Kathy O' Connor

    Wishing you well on your journey and may you fulfill your dream. No man stands alone and I along with may more are with you in thoughts as you make this final push to reach the summit.. Kathy

  36. Kathy O' Connor

    Wishing your well on your journey. No man stands alone and I along with many others are with you in thought as you make this final push to the summit. Go well. K athy

  37. Michelle D

    Reading your blogs reminds me how so important the absolute basics are…, warmth, shelter, security,……things we all can take for granted. Kathryn’s right! Our nerves are wrecked!

  38. eileen

    nearly there now cuz, so so proud of you.. take it easy now on your last stretch to the top and come home safe to us. cant wait to see you, love you and praying for you every night.. take care pet… x

  39. Philip robinson

    Jason our prayers and thoughts are with you we hope you achieve your goal and stay safe lad. Can’t wait to see you home. Philip elaine Sarah and Molly

  40. Emma

    Om mani padme hum

  41. Maria Howard

    Thoughts and prayers with you Jason, see you soon in Donegal !

  42. Eileen Baker

    Congratulations Jason!! I heard of your news from aunty Noreen Boyce. It’s such an achievement and we are all so proud of you! Safe journey home to Ireland.
    Love from Eileen Baker (all the Black family from Garstang, Preston, England) xx


    Hi Jason, absolutely fantastic achievement. We are so proud of you and you have given the country such a magnificent lift in these challenging times. LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU AT LETTERKENNY FESTIVAL THIS YEAR. From Brian McFadden’s Auntie Ann in the South of France.

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