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14years vast experience as Owner & Company director, self starting and growing a business from the bottom to the top as an Irish brand leader.


Inspiration Commitment Visualisation Honesty Responsibility Confidence Management Creativity Self Belief


Skills to overcome life's obstacles, Learn to stand up each time you fall and recognise your true purpose.

more motivation

Real life experiences

From rock bottom to the top of the world

Global adventure

Sharing a life of Global adventure experiencing the good bad and times ugly.

Measure the Gain

Skill setting measuring your Gains not the gaps

Goal setting

Three Goal setting zones - how to set goals - how to achieve goals.

Dream stealers

Dealing with Bullies and under achieving killers of your dreams in life...

Community builder

The greatest gift is the gift as a human to make a difference to others.

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Motivation 100%
Team building 100%
Business growth 100%
Personal development 100%

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