Early this week it became official & the next chapters title was written, the invite from Race Across America organisers was warmly recieved by Jason Black & the Voodoo performance team after making the qualification in Italy in April. 

“We are over the moon to realise a dream & a goal that we’ve been chasing and working so hard towards for so long” it’s just unbelievable to get credited  with a solo entry, we’re delighted. 

Race Across Italy is a World Ultra cycling Cup’s Race and a qualifying race to enter solo the world toughest endurance race the very famous Race Across America. Crossing three regions, Coast 2 Coast  touching both the Triennia and the Adriatic sea, and after 825km and 35.000ft of climbing over the Abruzzi mountains and finally back to finish line at Silvi. 
Earlier this year Jason Black & the Voodoo performance global endurance team had an incredible performance qualifing in 33hrs non stop for “RAAM” 5000km ultra endurance Race across America “West to East coast 2 coast”. 
The teams objective in Italy was to qualify, we really had to forget about racing the race which was difficult and focus solely on finishing within the cut of time of 42hrs. The pervious year 2016 we failed due to very difficult weather conditions, leading to a breakdown in jasons health leading to hyperthermia resulted in a DNF, this time around at RAI we had a date with destiny. 
Starting out knowing what lay ahead was both daunting and exhilarating for the team, preparation had gone well in the lead up to the race.  The small compact and now highly experienced team, were finely tuned & honed over the winter months in navigation, nutrition, clothing, weather combined with super long miles, physically & mentally both Jason and the team were ready. 
The team were able to ride hard ,consistent & strong and more importantly non stop, without getting off for the complete 33hr race. Night and day back to back the team pushed on and at one stage were 2nd overall in general classification, however the agenda was to finish and qualify for RAAM a priority for Jason, so we backed off stuck our pre agreed race strategy. As the race went on we were getting stronger, growing in confidence and the learning from the pervious years misfortunes has prepared them well for this monumental result.
“On interview Jason, stated the strength in the team was the difference, we have grown so much and the new protocols we introduced worked and we now understand the principles of Ultra Endurance Racing and what it takes to race at this world cup standard, its without doubt, the team are the key and not just the team on the road the supporting team of bike mechanics & dietations , strength & conditioning coach without there huge input it just wouldn’t be possible.My job is simple, i just have to ride my bike, they have to get me there.” lol. 

The Voodoo Performance Team are very aware that to compete on this world stage as ambassadors in the sport & carrying the Irish flag proudly requires serious commitment, determination, vision and self belief, We as a team are fast becoming serious podium contenders yes we have a lot more work to do, we have a plan to get there and one day challange for that world championship endurance title. We are now deep in preparations for the next Race “details to be released shortly” where the plan is to move to the next level & race non stop for 80hrs over 1600km in preparation for RAAM 2018. 
The team would like to Thank our beloved sponsors and supporters, your dedication commitment vision & warm words of encouragement helping collectively, positively & making a real difference.  

Below is a short film & insight into the teams roller coaster performance (credit:Daniel Mc Garrigle) 

+Inspire & continue to make a difference.