Navigating through life

Navigating through life – today i had the pleasure to work with the kids and teachers of Naomh fiachra national school illistrin in my native town of Letterkenny as we were preparing for orienteering during “get active week”, the skills set & learning was finding your way in direction and distance. With the use of a compass and map work, it was so powerful watching young kids unconsciously mapping out there course setting the compass on the direction and pacing it out from point to point .. and I couldn’t but help thinking how it was just like life…setting a goal a direction finding how to get there crafting the skills trying to stay on that heading that course pacing slowly and steady that line of sight or not at times, holding on to that hope that through endurance perseverance and belief you will hit your mark. 

I keep saying it, thankfully schools are a very different place today..inspirational caring, sharing and creative allowing our kids to walk in there own shoes in life. 

You will either find a way or make one.. 

I think i left more inspired