My window from Goro II

Just arrived at location Goro II from Urdokas. Sitting in the most beautiful basin like section of the Baltoro glacier, surrounded by the most magnificent peaks of the Gashu Brum ahead you can see G4 standing at 7970mts climbed by only twenty in its life time. Behind you can just see its brother G1 peeking out. Tomorrow sees us stop over at Broadpeak BC before the final days climb up to our own K2 Basecamp. My acclimatisation has gone great so far with no obvious effects of increased altitude, hoping this continues smoothly allowing a progressive move up K2 camp 1 by the coming weekend. My team members are very positive focused individuals. My health is good ,sleeping and eating well daily supported by a strong mixed vitamin intake. Water intake in high to assist altitude again and avoiding dehydration. Today there’s a defendant change in weather as the clouds are rolling in and a chill is now obvious in the air. The forecast for the next two days is to change to snow, totally expected as we’re delighted to have got as far into the expedition with uncanny good weather as team Russell Bryce a week ahead of us had heavy continues rain as they progressed to K2 BC. One day a head of us is team Gareth Maddison seven mountaineers. We are the final team to arrive making an increased quota on teams bidding for summit success. Jason