My knuckles are still white and my heart filled with pride..

“ It was incredible and more”

K2 lived up to its reputation over the period of the climb testing physically & mentally beyond belief. Years as a mountaineer you read about the high altitude technical challenges of K2 like the vertical climb up the bottle neck, the frighting traverse below the hanging serac, black pyramid & house chimney, obstacles high in the stratosphere with the lack of oxygen.

But it’s not till you look the killer in the eye that you truly understand why only 375 people in the world have ever been successful.

“I’m humbled & through time to be able to tell the full story and gutted that it wasn’t written by Ger Mc Donald who was the first Irish summiteer”.

It will take some time to process what’s just happened but raising that Irish tri colour above my head, is an emotion that will stay with me forever, the pride of knowing that my nations flag had never successfully returned to Irish shores was a driving force & so powerful and liberating inside, I felt a real sense of responsibility & duty standing on the world second highest summit 28.325ft and the toughest mountain of all, getting down was priority.

”All I want now is to get home to be in my own community of Donegal , to be with my wife Sharon and my four children Laura Kate Billy & Ella. Share some food and laughs with my siblings and close friends.

Jason Black, a proud ambassador of the Irish Red Cross hopes to return the nations flag to Irish shores in the coming weeks as his expedition in Pakistan comes to an incredible ending.

A full expedition report will be published with the incredible pictures and videos over the coming weeks. The family of Jason wish to thank hugely the support love prayers and friendship shown and in his own words “ we get one life – live it “.

Dreams really do come true – if you can’t see them you can’t believe in them.