Mt Elbrus summit eve – will it be easy ? nope, worth it ? ABSOLUTELY..

Wednesday 21st June and it’s finally here , summit eve on Europes highest point Mt elbrus. Bunkered in the snow storms, high winds & shocking low temperatures of the past few days have passed and are now a distant memory. The forecast looking brighter more promising for a summit push to the highest point & europes highest mountain Mt Elbrus Russia 5642mtrs. So what happens summit eve on a great mountain & what runs through your mind.

Equipment – By now my rotational gear and acclimation climbs up high are complete. Preparing for the good bad & ugly of what weather the mountain could throw at you all help decide on what to finally wear are made & what to pack as backup. Technical equipment checks – crampons – ice axe – double skinned boots – harness , belay & rope  – rescue tackle.

Nutrition – as the summit push is approx 15/18 hrs,  I’ve ate in advance preloading but not overloading putting in sufficient fuel stocks to endure that process.

Sleep – again as I’ve been bunkered down due to horribly tough weather conditions I’ve been resting & sleeping , however my sleep patterns have been upside down & inside out.. but I feel I’ve banked enough. Energy levels are high and feeling really strong and super motivated , I’m on the eve of my next step to achieving mountaineering endurances greatest prize the worlds Seven Summits.. if that not enough motivation…

Respectful self belief – if a fighter getting into a ring dost believe that he or she can’t win then why step in…. well for me it’s no different , I type this update excited nervous but confident that I am going to make this happen. I have to trust ive prepared well ,put in all the hours of training ,made the sacrifices, visualised my goal to stand on Europe’s greatest mountain & most importantly i believe I can do it.. because once i enter that ring to do battle, it just me and the mountain and mother natures our referee.

So at 12am tonight I’ll have my last bite & hydrate final gear check and at 1am step into the unknown 5642mtrs into stratosphere awaits , is it the perfect moment ? who knows but don’t wait for the perfect moment – take the moment and make it perfect.

LIFE …i like it better when it’s unpredictable, cause that’s makes it so phenomenal, it’s better when there’s know one really in control & we dont know really which way it’s going to go… but i trust i climb with the greatest Sherpa, the man above..

That Donegal & Irish flag will proudly dance once again.

Hold me in your prayers..