Extreme North – Sharing those nuggets of gold. 

After reaching the outer reaches of the very tip of Ireland,right out on the most northland coastline of the inishown pensulia to the small & tranquil town of  Culdalf as guest speaker to the formidable athletes from around the world that descend annually to take on what can be only discribed as monster incredible. 4 marathons in 4 days back to back. Yes no mass crowds cheering them on simply self supported & exposed to the rolling roads and extreme but iconic northern coastline seeking out that pride of all ,the extreme north quadrothon medal. Carefully hand crafted in four pieces depending on how many you complete all 4 unite in one, genious idea by master mind Harold Mc guiness.

Addressing 180 emotionally charged athletes at the backroom at Mc Gororys summoned all my energy and passion for living life to the full. My talk reinforcing a foundation “all ready in the audience from their Bravary to step up to the start line” ,that believing in your self is singly the most and fundamental part of the jigsaw on the way to a success personal journey in this very short life & how surrounding yourself with positive people makes the difference, along with so much more in finishing receiving wonderful warm words of enjoyment ment that with luck some walked away with life changing  nuggets of gold. 

Presented  a beautiful inishown crystal “extreme north”

Available for corporate or social bookings. looking to build a successful creative inavative team at work or play or simply reinforcing that “why not” passion for life. You might be presently surprised… making a difference. 

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