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Jason’s Irelands leading motivational, corporate & after dinner speaker. His presentations are fun, informative, colorful, entertaining, educational, adventurous and ideal lecture material for business conferences, seminars, university presentations, and after dinner speeches. Jason’s presentations are different, inspiring and will ensure that the audience are entertained, intrigued and motivated to succeed. Jason draws from his amazing life filled with personal challenges growing up as a young boy and how he faced his demons head on , using sport and his love for the great outdoors as his vehicle for success. His presentations deliver the importance of passion, the importance of setting goals, positive attitude, self-belief, focus ,hard work & preparation and the lessons of learning from one’s good bad and ugly experiences that in reflection makes you stronger.

Motivational speaking – No mountain too high.

Sometimes we choose the challenges, but what do we do when the challenges choose us? You are in control. You decide your place in the future.  You can create a culture in which people contribute and invest their energy, where they motivate themselves.  Jason delivers a high-impact key note which reminds people that they have a choice. That they can be brave, be different and be ambitious.
Areas Jason covers: –

  • Dealing in the reality.
  • Empowering people to be responsible for their attitudes
  • Deciding to avoid making excuses.
  • Dialing into life.

Corporate speaking – Excite your people, Empower them to achieve more. Jason Black helps businesses achieve more than they thought possible.  It is tough to deliver world class performance. Your people won’t do it by chance. With a high-impact catalyst you can help them act with the courage to make it happen. Jason Black is that catalyst. Businesses are made up of people. Motivated people provide a business with a distinct advantage and a competitive edge. They can make an organisation thrive.

Jason will tailor his talks to your business needs. Areas include:

  • Leading through uncertainty.
  • Deciding to make it happen.
  • Creating the perfect team.
  • Motivating high-performance teams.

After Dinner speaking – Accompany Jason on expedition.

It can be difficult to engage people in a meaningful way after dinner. Jason’s honesty about his life makes it a universally human story, remembered and recounted long after it is heard. Your audience will accompany Jason on his expedition – from being a young student who thought he lost everything at the hands of a violent bully to standing on the summit of the world. Jason Black will bring your guests on the fascinating journey he is on now. A tale of a mans sheer human spirit his power of self belief while exploring the greatest adventure challenges in the world.  In the tradition of the great & tragic stories, Jason recognises the absurdities in his life, leaving your guests laughing and completely enchanted.

Whether you need your audience to be inspired, motivated or you want them to hear an amazing colorful story from Ireland’s leading adventurer and businessman.

Please contact us for more information about Jason Blacks Motivational Speaker and our Corporate Services, Courses & Presentations for your next event.

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