Mother nature be kind.

One day the wind and the sun got into an argument, as you do. The argument was who was stronger. The wind was convinced we was much stronger, and blew and blew, until trees were felled cars upturned, and raging waves as high as houses. The sun looked on. It really was an impressive display, for sure, all that might and bluster . But the sun smiled and said he was stronger. So the wind challenged the sun to a competition. ” see that man down there ? Said the wind, pointing to a man who was walking calmly along the footpath during lunch hour”. I’ll challenge you to force him to take off his coat. The first to make him do this is the winner. The sun agreed. And the wind took up the task first while the sun quietly watched on. The wind blew and blew, stronger and stronger. But the more the wind blew the tighter the man held onto his coat. The wind blew even harder, but the man bent over even further against the night of the wind , gripping his coat for dear life gritting his teeth. Finally exhausted he wind receded – unsuccessfully. Up stepped the sun. The sun smiled and gently started to shine, nice and easy. The man stood up from his huddle looking around walked on for a little, spotting a bench the man removed his coat folded it and sat down. All smiles. Sometimes the obvious solutions are the simple easy ones. Because ,so often, being nice wins over just being angry. “We put in a tough day in the mountains today loosing the teams high altitude Pakistani Sherpa to Mother Nature & six members from our seven summit sister team on Broadpeak just escaping with injurys – it was a sobering moment to witness.” Mother Nature be kind. Jason