Latest news from Alaska

Apologies for the lack of blogs due to Jason being stuck in the storm with very little coverage.

Alaskan rangers have reported that the weather that this snow storm has brought is the worst they’ve seen in over 20 years.

On Thursday 29th May , Jason made his way back to camp1 in an effort to await better weather conditions.

After a grueling 8 days waiting between Camp2&Camp1 , Jason eventually ran out of food and fuel supplies. On Sunday 1st June Jason sent a message home saying ” l’ve been under so much bad weather pressure that lm out of food at camp 1. lm going back down to base camp for food i left for way out. Going to head back in for 1 final attempt. Times really against me.unreal & hard to believe super tough.  It isnt the mountain ahead that wears me out its the pebble in my shoe. l havnt seen darkness since entering artic circle! bright 24/7. Love to all J ”

In another message Jason said ” I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my wife Sharon and manager Philip Ward together with all staff for affording me this opportunity to follow my dream by covering my ass at work while i’m away. A huge thanks also to all those who sponsored me as without your generous support this expedition would not have been possible.”

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