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Exploring much more than the mountain itself, you will feel the heart beat of Africa, the people their culture, music and food. 


10 Days





Immersive African Experience

Our expeditions go beyond the summit, offering a unique blend of adventure, culture, and tradition.

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We believe in transparency and include everything you need for a seamless adventure.

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Trust the expertise of Jason Black, a seasoned mountaineer, as he leads you on meticulously planned expeditions.



Tanzania, a land of diverse landscapes and rich cultural tapestry, awaits your exploration. 

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Nestled on the eastern coast of Africa, this enchanting country is home to Kilimanjaro, the tallest freestanding mountain in the world, and a UNESCO World Heritage site – the Ngorongoro Crater. Tanzania’s wilderness is a sanctuary for a staggering array of wildlife, from elephants and lions to the unique flora and fauna of its national parks.



Landscape of snowy Mount Kilimanjaro on the horizon on green wood in Tanzania with a blue sky

Mount Kilimanjaro






10 days




5895 m
19341 ft

Daily Activity

6-8 hrs


Dec - March
& June - Oct

About The Climb

This is not your typical Kilimanjaro trip, with us you will experience real Africa. I have personally designed this once in a lifetime expedition experiencing African culture history traditional music, dance and village food.

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We visit the coffee fields and grind and sample our own, we swim in the water falls and visit local schools.

Then we go and climb Kilimanjaro and to the roof of Africa, and the tallest freestanding mountain in the world, known as the “mountain of greatness.”
Climbers experience first-hand the five ecosystems and game parks that Kilimanjaro towers over as we climb the mountain slopes on our way to the summit.

Climb Route


Day 1
Arrive Kilimanjaro International Airport.

After immigration, retrieving your bags, and clearing customs, our representative, identifiable by a Jason Black Mountaineering sign, will transport you to our hotel in Moshi. (approximately 1-hour travel)

Day 2
Jasons African Cultural Day
After we get kit organised we explore local villages and experience Africa’s culture, food, crafts. We go where no one else know’s, its magical mythical and will spin your mind.

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Day 3
Machame Camp (3022 m / 9,915 ft).
In the morning, we drive from the hotel to the Machame Gate entrance (1814 m / 5,950 ft) and begin our ascent in the lush forest. We arrive in the afternoon at our Machame Camp and enjoy a wonderful dinner before retiring to bed.


Day 4
Shira Camp (3833 m / 12,575 ft).
After breakfast, we head out and wind our way through the moorlands to Shira Camp.


Day 5
Barranco Camp (3981 m / 13,060 ft).
We leave Shira Camp and trek to the Lava Tower, where we enjoy lunch and the views of the Western Breach route. From there, we descend to Barranco Camp. Upon reaching camp, we size up the next day’s crux: The Great Barranco wall.


Day 6
Karanga Camp (4029 m / 13,200 ft).
After ascending the Great Barranco wall, we pause for photographs above the clouds and then descend slightly to Karanga Camp.


Day 7
Kosovo Camp (4870 m / 15,978 ft)
Today we climb to our high camp, Kosovo Camp, passing by the popular and often very crowded Barafu Camp. The additional ascent to Kosovo Camp provides a much quieter camp that also positions us for a slightly shorter summit day. We have an early dinner and drift off to sleep in anticipation of the early morning start of our summit climb.


Day 8
Summit Day!
We have an ‘alpine start’ shortly after midnight and climb through the night using headlamps until the first rays of sunlight illuminate the mountain and surrounding landscape. We arrive at Stella Point (5745 m / 18,848 ft), take a short break, and then continue to the summit of Kilimanjaro, Uhuru Peak (5895 m / 19,341 ft), and savor our moments here at the roof of Africa. After summit photos and ample time for rest and snacks, we descend to Mweka Camp (3075 m / 10,090 ft) and return into the lush green forest for our last night on the mountain.


Day 9
Mweka Gate (1638 m / 5,375 ft).
Still savoring our summit success, we awake and enjoy our last breakfast together on Kilimanjaro. The morning will be spent descending through the lush forests to the Mweka Gate where we will have a celebratory buffet style lunch to quench our burgeoning appetites! We thank our Tanzanian staff complete the tips and drive back to our Moshi hotel to shower and enjoy a dinner in town.


Day 10
Jason’s personal magical day.
A day in a life of the locals as we visit local villages and experience African culture, food, crafts, experience coffee harvesting and roasting, drink banana beer and sing tribal songs. We swim in the rivers and waterfalls, visit the local museum showcasing early native settlement. Late into the night we celebrate our African experience in Moshi town perched on a rooftop restaurant enjoying dinner local brews as we dance to the tribal heartbeat of africa.


Day 11
Depart Africa or start Safari

Spending Money & Tips:

We recommend that you carry USD$350 dollars with you to Tanzania in mixed notes. There are some ATMs where you can withdraw cash using a credit card. Please try to bring dollars broken up into small notes.

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The reasons being that it is hard to find a place that will give you change for $100 and also it is easier for the guides to divide the tips equally if they have lots of small notes. Also, try to bring dollars that were printed after 2004 if possible as these get a better rate of exchange in Tanzania.


Temperatures on the expedition may vary from 0 to 30 degrees during the day and -20 to 10 degrees at night. It’s best to be prepared for lower temperatures due to wind chill or the weather turning bad. Usually the days are hot and the nights are cold. You should be ready for inclement weather at all times as the weather can change rather quickly at high altitude. For accurate weather information please review these two websites;

Mountain Forecasts: Norwegian Meteorological Institute:

Altitude Considerations

Jason Black is Ireland’s leading specialist in high altitude climbing and mountaineering. The human body is quite capable of adapting to a very wide range of barometric pressures and there is plenty of oxygen even at the highest point of this expedition. However, the process of adaptation or acclimatisation does take time and the most important rule is to gain height slowly. Keeping well hydrated is also a huge factor in avoiding AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness). You will be encouraged to drink at least three litres of water per day. Five litres per day is ideal. You should eat well, snack regularly between meals and do not under any circumstances try to diet on this expedition. This will keep your energy levels high throughout the expedition. Although frustrating at times, remember to keep your walking pace slow and steady which will in turn have the same effect on your heart rate. It is those who can set and maintain the correct pace on the approach days that are strongest at higher elevations.

AMS is brought on by lower oxygen levels at higher altitudes. Symptoms include breathlessness, headache, poor sleep, nausea & dizziness. AMS is treated simply by not ascending to higher elevations or in more severe cases descending to lower elevations, where in most cases the symptoms are quickly relieved. This itinerary has been designed to minimise the chances of you experiencing altitude sickness. Our staff are highly experienced in these matters and will be able to give you good advice to help minimise any temporary discomfort that you might experience. Please note it is common for most people to experience mild headaches at higher elevations. Always keep your guide informed on how you are feeling.

At high altitude, and especially in dry conditions, it is essential you protect your airway. This means walking with a bandana covering your mouth and nose, often in hot weather, or when you are breathing heavily. Getting used to covering your airway while walking takes some time, so you should practice prior to departure.

Diamox (Acetazolamide) is a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor. In simple terms Diamox causes the kidneys to excrete more bicarbonate which causes the blood to become more acidic. Acidifying the blood stimulates ventilation, which increases the amount of oxygen in the blood which reduces the chances of getting AMS. We recommend all participants, especially those who have had AMS in the past, to take Diamox prophylactically (as a preventative) on this expedition, starting on the first day of trekking. Current guidelines suggest 125 mg twice per day (in tablet form not capsules). You should try taking Diamox for two days at some stage prior to departing Ireland to ensure you don’t suffer any of the more serious side effects. Numbness and tingly fingers and toes are common but in some cases users can suffer from nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea. If you experience any of the latter three side-effects we would advise against using Diamox. Always consult and follow the advice of your own doctor about Diamox or any other medication.

Your Dietary Requirements

We will try our best to cater for those with dietary restrictions. If you have any dietary restrictions, please declare them when booking. We will organise for you to have a suitable meal on your flight where meals are supplied by the airline. It is not possible for us to source specialist gluten or dairy free products locally. We will endeavour to provide suitable alternative carbohydrates, for example potatoes or rice rather than bread. If you want to have specialist food like gluten free bread and pasta or lactose free milk you will need to bring them with you on the expedition.


We are not qualified to answer all your questions about travel health directly. We recommend consulting your GP or The Travel Health Clinic ( for the most up-to-date medical advice.  
Although we can’t give medical advice but good guidelines are here:

Tourist Visa

All Irish participants are required to have a visa to enter Tanzania. You must have at least two free pages in your passport and ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months after you return to Ireland. At the time of writing this document, EU passport holders could obtain a tourist visa upon arrival in Tanzania. The visa fee is US$50, payable in cash.

  • 4-nights hotel accommodation (breakfast provided) – 2 pre-climb, 2 post-climb.
  • Meals on the mountain – fresh food, 3 meals per day.
  • All group gear on the climb (sleeping tents, dining supplies. and tents, toilette tents, first aid, etc.)
  • Porter service on the climb.
  • All climbing staff including mountain guides and local support staff.
  • All park fees, permits and tour fees.
  • All transportation in-country.
  • Oxygen bottles and masks, mountain shelter and portable stretcher on every trip.
  • Jason’s personal magical day to finish.
  • International flights airfare to/from Kilimanjaro Airport (JRO)
  • Porter/guide tips – you pay $200 in total each.
  • Meals while not on the mountain, taxis, etc

Practical Info

Frequently asked questions

The following frequently asked questions may help answer any queries you have about Jason Black Mountaineering, what this expedition involves, and what is required. If your question isn’t answered here please check our dedicated Expert Advice page, otherwise don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What accommodation is included?

All accommodation is included from the initial meeting point through to the end of the expedition, as listed on the itinerary. We always choose the highest quality hotels, even when travelling through more remote areas with less established infrastructures.

Our base camp accommodation is also of the highest quality and comfort and can be completely tailored to the demands of global lifestyles. We can discuss options and your needs during the booking phase.

What equipment is provided?

All communal equipment is included ie. high quality ropes, stoves, tents etc. You are responsible for personal gear and clothing, eg. harness, crampons, helmet, ice axes etc. A full essentials list and advice (if required) will be provided at time of booking.

Will the expedition cost include travel?

We will cover all transport costs detailed within an expedition programme. This will exclude international flights to and from the destination countries. It is your responsibility to ensure these align with the start and finish of the expedition.

Those joining our Kilimanjaro expedition should have some prior experience of similar peaks, including significant ascents in the Andes, Alps, Rockies, or Himalayas. We will encounter steep snow and ice slopes with some scrambling required. Mastery of basic mountaineering skills is a must.

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Climbs like Kilimanjaro demand hard physical effort at extreme altitudes - you will need exceptional cardio-vascular fitness and to be thoroughly prepared. When you sign up, we’ll ask you to share key performance data and look closely at your past experience. We’ll then work with you to develop an appropriate training program, which will guarantee you the best chance of success.

If there are shortfalls within abilities and experience, we can collectively discuss the opportunities and/or provide a training support plan, including recommending preliminary climbs in the years and months leading up to this expedition, to ensure that you achieve your objective.

The adventurous activities undertaken by Jason Black will require the purchase of specialist equipment. We will provide a full kit list for this expedition during booking, or you can access it now by downloading the Kilimanjaro Climb Packing List.

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  • Trekking Poles - Collapsible skiing/trekking poles. Three section, adjustable-height models are preferred
  • Hiking Socks - Four or five pairs of midweight to heavyweight hiking socks. Choose wool or synthetic socks
  • Gaiters - Waterproof gaiters sized to fit your boots snugly
  • Hiking Boots - Waterproof hiking boots designed for hiking in cool to cold conditions
  • Short Underwear - Two to three pairs
  • Hiking shirts - One or two short-sleeved outdoor t-shirts
  • Base layer Bottom - Non-cotton baselayer bottoms that should fit snugly without constriction.
  • Heavy Base layer Bottom
  • Trekking Pants - Bring one or two pairs of lightweight nylon trekking pants
  • Base layer Top - One long-sleeved baselayer top
  • Softshell Pants - Stretchy, comfortable, non-insulated softshell pants
  • Hard-shell Pants

You may pay your deposit and balance using any lawful means. If sending money by electronic bank transfer then you will be responsible for covering the cost of the fees associated with the transfer, so that the company receives the full amount shown on your invoice, in the denomination shown on your invoice.

In case the client decides to cancel their trip, at any time between booking and the time of the trip, some deduction will be made to the advance amount. This is due to the company’s obligation to pay a certain amount for personnel and resources while booking them.

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The following cancellations charges will apply if you decide to cancel the booking:

  • Cancellations made 90 days or before are entitled to full deposit return if it has been paid in advance. 90 days passing will incur in loss of 30 percent of the deposit paid.
  • Cancellations made 60 days prior to the departure date will incur a loss of 50 percent of the deposit paid.
  • Cancellations made 45 days before the departure date will incur a loss of the full deposit and are subject to a 30 percent fee of total trip cost.
  • Cancellations made 30 days or less before the departure date will incur a loss of 100 percent of the total trip cost.

NB: All refund requests must be made in writing and be received in our office within the notice period stated above.

For all cancellations, the company must be notified in writing. Acceptable means of communication include letter and email.

All Jason Black Mountaineering clients require appropriate insurance for their chosen expedition. Please ensure your policy covers helicopter and medical rescue and repatriation costs. Without proper coverage, an emergency evacuation could cost you more than US$100,000.



Three giraffe on Kilimanjaro mount background

Kilimanjaro Safari



About The Safari

This three day – three park safari can be booked as a popular addition to your climb
of Kilimanjaro,

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partly because the two together fill a two week holiday but also because it’s a perfect addition to the rigours of the climb and the magnificent Ngorongoro crater is on any bucket list for wildlife enthusiasts.
Jason Black Mountaineering Safari guides are second to none when it comes to sharing their knowledge and passion of their home country, especially when on safari.

Safari Route


Day 1
Arusha National park 
After a beautiful African breakfast you leave your expedition hotel by our Safrari jeeps and drive to Arusha National Park arriving in time for lunch. Afternoon game drive, dinner and overnight in Lodge.

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Day 2
Lake Manyara – Ngorongoro Crater
After breakfast leave Lake Manyara for Ngorongoro crater arriving in good time for lunch at the hippo pool. After lunch descend 670m into the crater floor for full day crater tour with a break for lunch. Black-maned lions, rhinos, buffaloes, elephants and other grazing animals abound. Evening game drive. Return to Ngorongoro wildlife campsite for dinner and overnight.

Day 3
Tarangire Park
After breakfast and morning game drive at Tarangire Park and after lunch you will be dropped back to the Kilimanjaro airport at 6pm for your night flight, ensure your return flight is after 9pm. 

  • 3-Day All Inclusive Safari
  • Park fees
  • All accommodation
  • Professional driver/guide
  • All transportation
  • All Meals
  • Drinking water
  • Drivers tip – €50pp

Drivers tip – €50pp

Adventure + Expertise + Purpose
Jason Black

Jason Black

International Expedition Leader

Commitment to Safety and Environment

Jason’s commitment to safety standards, extensive mountain knowledge, and adventure travel experience set him apart. 

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The small group approach adopted by Jason Black Mountaineering offers significant advantages, including a better guide-to-client ratio, reduced environmental impact, and a stronger team dynamic. Putting purpose before profit, the agency prioritizes empowering local communities by employing locals and supporting local businesses, aiming to contribute to the balance of global inequalities.

World Leading Mountaineer

At the helm of Jason Black Mountaineering is Jason Black himself, a renowned International Expedition Leader and International Mountain Leader.

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With a remarkable list of achievements, including summiting Mount Everest and the formidable K2, Jason holds multiple world records in high-altitude mountaineering. His feats, such as being the fastest to summit Kilimanjaro twice and completing the Aconcagua traverse in record time, establish him as one of the world's leading high-altitude mountaineers.

As an endurance athlete, Jason's passion for testing his physical and mental capabilities remains undiminished. His accolades include being awarded Ireland's National Outdoor Athlete of the Year for his historic summit of K2.

The Future of Adventure

 inspiring individuals and organizations, and leaving a lasting positive impact on both the adventure and humanitarian fronts. 

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We are Inspiring individuals and organizations, and leaving a lasting positive impact on both the adventure and humanitarian fronts. Join us on a transformative expedition, where purpose, passion, and the thrill of the great outdoors converge.

What our clients say

Bernadette GlancyBernadette Glancy
23:26 26 Nov 22
On the 23rd July 2022 I arrived in Moshi ,Tanzania Africa. I had not been to Africa before.From all angles I could see the "Mountain" Kilimanjaro after arrival.. It was very clear to me from the engagement with the locals ,the Mountain is everything to the native people of Moshi, its their livelihood. They get no support from the government, even during covid virus .They depend on us visitors coming to climb there Mountain .That's how they earn the salary ,I seen the guides that accomplished my group for the week on the mountain , form a queue to collect the salary the day we returned from summitting the great Mountain. .Jason Black has built a relationship with these local guides ,everything is transpairable and a trust has been formed between Jason and the Lipman team(African guides). The same team that accomplished him in 2014 to accomplish a world record on that same Mountain. It occurred to me the day we arrived all the natives knew Jason Black, they were shaking his hand in the markets and almost everyone seemed to know him. He has such respect for this tribe of Moshi people and there Mountain. Jason was the perfect choice of Mountaineer for me to accomplish my goal/to Summit Kilimanjaro at 59yrs my age at time of achievement. The miracle is ,I choose Jason Black as my leader and anything is possible after that I discovered.AmenBernadette Glancy >Carrick on Shannon
Donal Mc GuinnessDonal Mc Guinness
15:32 24 Nov 22
I climbed Kilimanjaro with Jason in August 2022. This trip was truly amazing. From the first moment I contacted Jason I knew this trip would be a genuine African experience. We visited local villages, attractions and a coffee plantation. For me this part of the trip was as good as the Kilimanjaro experience. The Porter crew on the mountain were excellent and very friendly. The food was great and I am very proud to say that my whole group made it to the top! We all had the same mindset of wanting to take our time on each walk, taking lots of photos and having lots of breaks. I cant wait for my next adventure with Jason Black.
Jennifer DohertyJennifer Doherty
13:18 24 Nov 22
In May 2022 I trekked to Everest base camp with Jason and a group from Donegal. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Jason prepared us so well before and answered every question we had. We experienced the busyness of Kathmandu before taking the non-commercial route to base camp which was really special. Jason’s love of Nepal and respect for the local people was evident every day. He took time to get to know everyone in our group on a personal level and allowed everyone to be themselves. The fact that I am blind was never an obstacle and he made sure to describe everything and let me touch as much as possible on the way so that I didn’t miss out on anything. He challenged us to push ourselves more every day but we always had lots of fun. He is such a positive person to be around with a great respect for nature and other human beings. I’ve learned a lot from him and I’m looking forward to more adventures in the future 🙂
Gerardine O'ConnorGerardine O'Connor
11:25 19 Jun 22
Walking in Donegal - what a fantastic weekend in a beautiful place!As a lone traveller, my time at Everest Lodge was more than I could have expected. The warm Donegal welcome, the wonderful homemade food and the easy comfortable atmosphere all made for an unforgettable time. Jason's intuitive capacity to support and guide enabled me, and I believe all of us in the group, to leave on Sunday with a sense of accomplishment, awareness, and the inspiration to crack on with the next adventure, whether big or small. I had the best time ever.
Imelda HurleyImelda Hurley
23:11 31 May 22
May 2022 - I had a fantastic weekend hiking with Jason and staying at the lovely Everest Lodge - with four others who were also there for the weekend. Despite Jason’s incredible achievements, his demeanour is so ‘down to earth’ and his focus during our stay was on ensuring we were appropriately challenged while hiking, we felt fully at home at Everest Lodge and we had a lot of fun along the way. The ‘Ireland Walking Weekend’ surpassed my expectations at every level and I’d highly recommend hiking with Jason whenever the opportunity arises.
Yvonne SlatteryYvonne Slattery
19:13 29 May 22
I had a wonderful weekend with Jason and a number of walking enthusiasts in May - would recommend it to anyone, regardless of level of experience in the mountains. Whilst somewhat familiar with the main mountains in Donegal Jason showed us other areas which are kept "under wraps" and hence felt very special to a non-local. I found the guidance with navigation on the mountain particularly helpful and the food over the course of the weekend was amazing!
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