K2|2018|Jason Black

After what has proven to be a very difficult 80mile trek hampered with extreme weather the Maddison mountaineering team in which Jason black is a climbing member has just arrived at K2 basecamp home of the savage & most difficult mountain in the world. leaving Ireland on 18th of June this remote location of K2 proved to be challenging to get into too – the expedition lead by Garrett Maddison is made up of 13 accomplished international climbers & 11 climbing Nepal Sherpa lead by Ang purba. Weather at the moment is very tough with heavy snow & poor visibility making it heavy going, however at full strength the team arrived today Friday 29th one day ahead of schedule and all team members are in good health as they acclimatised. K2 is the hardened old school expedition style reserved for the purest mountaineers in a world even with all the improvements modern styles fail to better the tried and tested form in this challenging environment.

A life of training has gone into this climb for Jason Black as surviving K2 proves to be mountaineerings biggest test. K2 standing at 28.251ft is the second highest mountain on the planet after Mt Everest yet respectfully regarded as the ultimate with only approx 320 successful summits in total, with no Irish survivor. Jason continues to follow in the footsteps of the late great Irish mountaineer Ger McDonell and will place a plate at BC made by Danny morning memorials from the people of Ireland in which it reads “we will never forget” his heroic actions on K2 sadly loosing his life on the 2nd August 2008.

Jason Black has been kindly supported by The Great Outdoors (Irl) ,KN Group international & Highland Motors Renault for the 2018 season.

Jason black earlier this year has been made an international brand ambassador for the Irish Red Cross and will proudly climb with that humanitarian spirit , leading by example that the greatest gift we have is to make a difference in other people’s life’s. Jason black will be two months fully commitment on this expedition.

You can follow this exciting challenging & incredible expedition filled with the highs and no doubt lows as the team battles to succeed on this the mountaineers mountain.

We are hoping to get regular updates from Jason via Satalite every few days and all can be found here on www.jasonblack.ie

Please comment and share in support for the team & this very proud Irish adventure.