K2 Irish Expedition |Day12

Hey all I’m finally here & I’m stoked to be back on k2 – it’s hard to believe and so so humbling as a proud Donegal/Irish man. Getting picture outs going to be practically impossible but I’ll try if I get a passing Satalite ..love to Sharon Laura Kate billy and my wee Ella xxx

Day 12 since leaving Islamabad – Heavy snow continues to hamper progress for us all at k2 basecamp. A small number of teams are established at BC for the 2018 season. Basecamp is in a deep blanket of heavy snow which has been persistent for the past week. K2 the mountain it’s self still hasn’t revelled itself in totality only just allowing us sneaks at its peak as visibility is dense with low cloud and fog. However awaking this morning and with a positive forecast ahead the prospect of getting started and establishing camp one looks imminent in the coming days. For now with the mountain discharging heavy snow loaded avalanches with great violence it’s best to allow the mountain settle and soon will be safe to commence the climb. Health wise I’m feeling ok handling the altitude now at 5000meters ok having some sleep issues but hoping that settles with time. The team are all reporting good health and eating well.. hydration is key at these dizzy heights and difficult to constantly keep it going consuming a litre ever two hours and avoiding this only leads to high altitude sickness. Expedition leader Garett’s been busy working with the Sherpa team and today puts the final touches to organising the high altitude technical equipment ropes fixings tents oxygen fuel cooking equip etc needed to put in the route. The Japanese team who have been here since start of June have have been up as far as camp two but since that have possibly lost that advantage with the heavy snow since.

Outlook over the next few days looks like snow has stopped forecast for sunny spells today Sunday same tomorrow Monday – Tuesday looks like small fall of snow and from Thursday onward it looks game on for our first rotation.. fingers crossed.

Already I see the effects of the hard work combined with the body having to adjust excepting altitude in my case makes my heart rate run about 20% higher than normal having a high bun rate at altitude weight loss is very evident and that will only continue even with a huge daily calorie intake of 6000kcal . For now nothing else to report positive and humbled to be sitting surrounded by mother nature’s untouched beauty. Love to all back home and I’ll give further updates as the climb unfolds. I hope you tag along & enjoy the climb on the greatest mountain in the world I hope my words do it justice ….. the mighty K2.

Big big thank you the great outdoors store – Kn group – highland motors Renault for the support.