K2 Camp one established | Day 13

Quick update – over night the team established camp one the Abruzzi ridge fixing a new rope to the camp at 19.850ft as previous bad weather had buried the previous route. The teams high altitude Sherpa got equipment ie tents gas 4000meters of rope moved into position up a 45% continues climb to camp one.


The other members of the team moved other supplies including technical equipment to advance base camp ABC 17.250ft and cashed advancing plans to climb to camp one and spend two night and push on to camp two and sleep a further two nights along the way fixing kit preparing the route acclimatising adjusting clothing kit and any concerns that may need tweaking before advancing into the serious heights of camp three at 24.165ft above the technical sections of house chimney & the black pyramid in the coming weeks. Personally eating well and finally have shaking what was an aggressive spate of sleep aptnmia where the body wasn’t just getting enough oxygen and I’d suddenly wake gasping what ever was available, it’s truly hard to put in words what it’s like to climb at heights reserved for airplanes and fools that love big hills. Camp at night is very cold dropping to -15 and by day quite pleasant basking in sunshine.

I’m feeling very strong at present physically & more importantly mentally – just trying to fill my head daily with positive thoughts getting strength from the hard training done and from the so many genuine people that fills my world that catch you when you fall and keep you grounded as you grow, for that I’ll be for ever grateful…


“I suppose the true reality is that your the by product of the 5 people you share or surround your life with, so if their either negative or positive then guess what you will you” …a true friend is someone that sees the best in people and wants them to be incredible in this short but precious life…

Try it …it’s so powerful