Just arrived at Nylam 3600 meters tonight on route to Everest Base camp.

what a crazy last few days,Internet connection is vertually no connection either by phone or wifi so im struggling to post guys, my apologies.

Anyway got to the Chinese border from Nepal yesterday (Saturday) with my visa to pass and the refused me entry until this morning.Its so so difficult to get in from the nepal side.Well finally this morning 8am i got thru after some serious checks ,looks , searches of bags equipment even went thru all my photos on my camera.But im in and well up the tibet valley called Nylam now heading towards base camp at the foot of Mt Everest, im currently at 3600mts and man you know it .. Airs pritty thin.Tonight its snowing here and cold as hell so base camps going to be bad ass cold.

Ive had a really bad two nights sleep and now i know why,Woke up this morning(sunday) and EAR INFECTION ,couldn’t believe it & that’s the last dam obstical i need when climbing in altitude. I have antibiotic with me here so im starting a course tonight to try and get this shifted before i get higher.

So enough of the waning it will sort its self out.

Really getting into the super high mountains now as i can see them up ahead in the distance, I havent seen the Mighty Mt Everest yet but im due into base camp in about four more days so ill have birds eye view then.

Guys im taking loads of great pictures but can share on line as connection is very very poor,& i dont expect it to improve going forward. But ill continue to get progress posts out as best i can.

New few days the altitude turns up a gear as we move up 1800 mts tomo and back down for Altitude training,so lungs will get a good test.Out side of the ear infection im still in great form and feeling strong – eating well & really focused on what lays ahead.

Hoping all is well back in Ireland & across the world.

Thank you for for all the supporting messages guys.

Laters guys from a snowy Tibet.


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  1. Linda fogarty

    Stay safe Jason hope the antibiotics kick in quickly xxxx

    1. voodooascent

      Thank you cuz … love 2 all

  2. Karl Sweeney

    Good man Jason, I’m enjoying the update posts- good luck and safe climbing.

    1. voodooascent

      cheers karl much appricate message.. great help.

  3. Stephen Sweeney

    Great stuff Jason ! Everyone back home enjoying your journey so keep posts coming. Keep safe and good luck!

    1. voodooascent

      thanks stephen ..hope your still training man … gotta do a few rounds when home… rounds of drink sa…heheheh

  4. Kathryn

    Jason, your doing great so far. marie, paddy, shaun n me climb Muckish today, reach the summit at 13.00hrs, tight easterly wind at the top, hard ta eat the egg n onion sandwiches, tea going everywhere!
    Take care, keep the updates coming. All the Russell’s send their love.

  5. PatrickMcGinley

    Great Updates Jason.Keep well.onwards and upwards.

    1. voodooascent

      noprob patrick … enjoy thank you for message.

  6. Michael Black (cuz)

    Keep it lit big Cruz,your flying…just keep thinking of the end result and how good your gona feel. Be safe and Strong:-)

    1. voodooascent

      cheers mick …..

  7. Fr Pat

    Good luck Jason! If you see a green scarf up there would you bring it down to me? I must have left it behind by mistake!

    1. voodooascent

      contact lost n found pat …lol


  8. jim mc laughlin

    good man jason your setting standards . good luck. we we wish you all the best from gartan.

    1. voodooascent

      thank you jim…

  9. jack ma daid/sean mcfadden

    Doin great Jason.. If it helps just think of me suffering on the bike. All the best Sean

    1. voodooascent

      Thanks for mail sean … oh i know to well how the bike can hurt sean, and its the bike foundation thats helping me out here dealing with this beast…it feels like a day of the ras everyday for two months sean.. it just dosnt give up … between the lack of oxygen …freezing -40 deg temps and a vertical snow wall infront of you step after step … but shes gonna get done…. cheers for messsage they all help dude.

  10. Mary Mike Harry Josh O'Brien

    Loving the posts. Stay safe and good climbing
    Mary & co

  11. Mark Ponsonby

    Keep safe and onwards and upwards Jason! Enjoying the updates.

  12. Aisling Gallagher

    We are enjoying following your blog here at Woodlands N.S.
    Good luck.
    Aisling and all of third class.

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