Jasons invite to all as he takes the Mt Everest Summit Donegal flag on the final leg of its journey to Mt Errigal.

Proudly  the Donegal flag summits Mt Everest.
Proudly the Donegal flag summits Mt Everest.
On Sunday, June 30th 2pm Mt Errigal Car park, Myself and my family would like to invite everyone, Mums Dads Kids & im especially appealing to people that feel they could never climb Errigal or have never climbed it to come out to join him on his final leg of the Mt Errigal to Mt Everest expedition journey as we take the Donegal flag that proudly graced the summit of the world back to where the journey began. Im urging everyone who to come along and take a timely climb up the mountain with us,”its going to be a gentle pace loads of stops taking in the wonderful views,just a wonderful slow stress free climb”. On the summit we will produce with pride this well travelled Donegal flag which reflects the pride and honor i feel for my community and county. “It will be a journey of achievement where people of all ages and abilities can share the realisation of a dream. I would urge people to wear appropriate clothing the day. On our return down there will be food to enjoy and it will I guarantee that it will be a day to remember. It will be a day when I will have completed the full circle – I will return in fruition to where the dream began,”Be sure to bring your camera,the views are spectacular.
Donegal Co,Council are marking the Expedition achievement with a plaque at the foot of Mt Errigal where the dream first took root,which will be unvailed on the day.
It would be a huge honour to share the final leg of the expedition with the people from my county, everyones welcome no limits, this would be a great time to first climb the mountain.
Support ,medical & marshals will all be there to assist.
30th June 2pm Mt Errigal carpark.

looking forward to sharing
Jason Sharon & Family.

Adrain Wasson,Clive & Keith Davision, Francie Gallagher, Brian mc Fadden,Jason & son Billy.
Adrain Wasson,Clive & Keith Davision, Francie Gallagher, Brian mc Fadden,Jason & son Billy.
Ment so much to me...
Ment so much to me…
High in the Himalayas

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  1. Kevin Moore

    Big shout out to a genuine hero and an inspirational Donegal man. We’ll done and thankyou for inviting us to share in your adventure.The time and patience you showed to everyone on Sundays climb was commendable. We met you on your decent as we did everyone else in our clamber up errigal. You insisted on an about turn to support us and returned to the summit to share in the occasion with the Donegal flag. A true gentleman and an inspiration. Thank you for bein so generous with your time.. Bronagh,Sarah,Helena,Siobhan, Kevin sayin Big Big respect and thanks bro.

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