Everest Itinerary.


Mt Everest from North side
Can change due to weather & physical conditioning.
Leave Letterkenny 9th April 2013.
April 10th Kathmandu
April 11th Kathmandu – My Birthday (21 again)
April 12th Kathmandu
April 13th Jangmu
April 14th Nylam
April 15th Nylam hiking
April 16th Thingri
April 17th Thingri
April 18th Thingri to base camp 17,000ft
April 19th Base camp
April 20th Base camp
April 21st Base camp
April 22nd Base camp
April 23rd Interm camp 17,500ft
April 24th Advance base camp 21,300ft
April 25th Abc Rest
April 26th Abc rest
April 27th ABC puja day
April 28th North col hiking 23,100ft
April 29th Hiking back to Abc 21,300ft
April 30th ABC Rest
May 1st Abc rest
May 2nd Sleep at North col 23,100ft
May 3rd North col 23.100ft to 7800mt (25.700ft) touch and back to North col camp v 23.100ft
May 4th Abc 21,300ft
May 5th Abc rest
May 6th Back to base camp 17,000ft
May 7th Rest at chinese base camp or shedar jong
May 8th Rest at chinese base camp or shedar jong
May 9th Rest at chinese base camp or shedar jong
May 10th Middle camp 17,500ft
May 11th ABC 21,300ft
May 12th 13 rest at Abc 21,300ft
May 14th Waiting for good wheather report and may 15 to 25 for summit day 29,028ft


By Jason Black

By Jason Black

Jason spends a great deal of his time sharing his experiences, inspiring communities to believe in themselves, strengthening self-worth and finding real purpose in life.

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