The toughest adventure race in the world.


It certainly was the toughest adventure race in the world. While you’ll have to wait to see the race results televised airing on amazon prime 2020 I can talk about life since the finish line.

Eco challenge Fiji creators promised the ultimate test and they didn’t disappoint in taking you physically and mentally to the cliff edge of survival.

Being on team Ireland wearing that tricolour was such a humbling and proud responsibility. It will be infectious viewing next year trust me.. it was a savage yet epic adventure race, beyond your wildest imagination.

Since Eco challenge Fiji I’ve had an even bigger battle than the race itself. Picking up some really serious jungle leg infections, so serious my blood pressure dropped frightening low and body temperatures spiking fevers forcing me to spend three days in a Fiji hospital with doctors fighting to control the infections, fevers and breakouts. I was genuinely in big trouble with five iv antibiotics and multi fluids streaming into my veins 24/7. All attempts were failing to make any improvement to my health.

In stepped the world wide medical team lead by Dr Rodger from the eco challenge race and made the critical decision to airlift me to New Zealand to a specialised infectious disease centre.

With a flight time of 3.5hrs to New Zealand, mid flight my blood/Os dropped to a dangerously low state forcing the on board french medical team into survival mode. Landing in New Zealand I was whisked off to Auckland hospital and to a team of specialised doctors. Three further days in isolation the microbiologists growing blood cultures from my wounds trying to establish the specific organisms that were now attacking my renal system, with my liver and kidneys now under attack it was a shocking position to find myself in.

Two known bug types aligned with a new jungle strain unknown to the new Zealand doctors required several tests to find a specific IV antibiotic to control the situation. By now after five days in total between hospitals in Fiji and New Zealand the fevers were subsiding and the antibiotics all seemed to be working. My appetite returning was a great sign that the doctors had caught me in time… released from New Zealand on day six I set sail for two twelve hour flights around the globe to my Irish home. Sadly my early release was somewhat premature, as the long haul flights took there tole with the infections angrily flaring up forcing me back to my home town Letterkenny university hospital for a further few days.

Released under Dr Sugrue but attached to a Vac veraflo therapy that flushes the wounds in a saline solution vacuuming up the infections beneath. It’s certainly been an uphill battle and I’m hoping for a short recovery time as training awaits for the 2020 season, however a reflection on the 2019 season has been uplifting with six international races – 2nd in biking man 1100km across Oman – 18th biking man 800km around Corsica – winner biking man 1100km across Laos – 3rd in the 2500km transatlantic way – 6th in the northcape 4000 km and finally finishing my season representing my country in the world’s toughest adventure race Eco challenge Fiji. I can’t but be happy and thrilled with my 2019 highs and except a single low blip in what was a magnificent years racing.

Things are sent to test us in life and now it’s my turn, fighting to recover fast I’ll grow in strength from the rest and I’ll return more committed and focused to be the very best I can be….

I can promise gripping viewing of Eco challenge Fiji in next year’s showing on amazon prime..

Eco challenge Fiji it had it all, everything and more.