I am my problem but also my solution.

My last endurance race was “Race around Ireland” circumnavigating 2150km of Irish roads & a few wee hills.

Without doubt my support crew, made up of best friends, family & you via the immense powerful messages of support willing us on to complete the race was the vital key component… for that were forever grateful. 800kcal an hour over 5 days and a hell of a lot of hours later we finished proudly supporting awareness for Donegal autism family support group, silent Heros in our community. 

Never doubt yourself – Think back to everything you’ve overcome in the past. 

 It’s time to share some footage of this incredible journey. Hope you enjoy. 

Next up we’re of to Italy this Wednesday to do battle in race across Italy non stop toe to toe in the first round of the World Cup endurance title. We will post updates here on the website hope you follow and will us on again. 


Video credit – David Mc Daid