Hold me in your hearts – K2 summit push

23rd July 2015 and bad weather halts progress on the mighty K2. After much debate over weather forecasts from many different sources showing clear not so clear weather ,high to low winds ,predictions of incoming snow at multiple levels. It’s thrown a real shadow over basecamp and with every turning head everyone’s an expert to when we should go for a summit push. To say it’s frustrating is an understatement ,however it’s the nature of high altitude expeditions above 8000meters on the 14 of the worlds toughest mountains. Patience a real virtue and mentally been tested to the limit. For the last few nights we have had meetings after meeting moving from one cold tent to another with tempers frayed between impatient mountaineers and the expedition leaders of seven summits. But as competitive mountaineers this is typically normal in a world as we bid for success.Concerns is safety and rightly so as rescues as zero and the risk of getting it wrong will come at the ultimate cost in our sport our life’s because on the K2 it takes no prisoners Tonight the decision has been made we can see window of opportunity so it’s a GO we leave in the early hours of the morning on a solid five day push for the summit hoping to reach successfully the summit on 28th July. The Abbruzzi route will see me return to….. Camp one – 24th – 6050mt Camp two – 25th – 6650mts Camp three – 26th – 7300mts Camp four – 27th – 8000mts Summit early hours 28th – 8611mts Today, this down time allowed me to visit the memory of the fallen on K2. Just 200yards beyond basecamp at appropriately positioned at the foot of the mountain that took their lives marks a small area with tin plates with the mountaineers names and DOB and county of origin. Today i honoured Ger Mc Donnell the Irish Irish climber on K2 who lost his life saving others on 02-08- 2008. It was a sobering chapter in my expedition as the first Irish mountaineer to return to K2 since Gers passing , i wrapped the Tri Colour Irish flag around his shoulders with the hope that a fellow Irish man stool shoulder to shoulder with him again. Asking Ger for a save passage a said my fair well with a promise to return on my decent. Tonight Lord jesus be my guide & hold me in your heart ,and Ger shine your touch brightly showing me the way safely and to my family and friends across the world hold me close for the next few days…. Together stronger forever proud. Jason x