Overnight Irish Expeditions

In Amazing Outdoor Spaces!

Small group two day overnight Irish expeditions across a range of Ireland’s Mountains with training and outdoor experiences for the everyday person “

Expedition leader

All Jason Black guided expeditions are offered purely on an exclusive ‘one to one’ basis. Jason has chosen this very personal approach to ensure the highest feasible levels of safety, support and leadership on the mountain for his private clients. With one of the most ground-breaking mountaineers of a generation at your side, you’ll be in the very best company to reach beyond what you thought was possible. His Leadership, Mountain knowledge and Adventure survival experience is exceptional. He brings a next level approach in leadership to individuals, teams and organisations looking for an exceptional successful advantage.
Some recent examples include Linkedin, Pfizer Inc, Amazon, Facebook, Google and many others.

“His powerful combination of people, process, and place, make him the best at what he does.” – Garrett Madison.

trainning 2-min

Our approach

Our approach is a little unconventional. Inquiry-based, no-bullshit thinking and development programmes in amazing Irish spaces. Jason Black Mountain Guide and International Overnight Irish Expeditions Leader on the world’s greatest Mountains. Very few have ever stood on the summit of Mt Everest and on the summit of the savage mountain K2 arguably the hardest and most dangerous mountain in the world. Jason holds multiple high-altitude mountaineering world records, such as being the fastest human in history to summit Kilimanjaro twice in 22 hrs and Aconcagua traverse in 18 hrs. In making history Jason Black has joined that very small global club, placing him as one of the world’s leading high altitude mountaineers. His safety standard, mountain knowledge and adventure travel experience is exceptional. Jason works professionally with organisations and teams combining his business life skills his mountaineering experiences, leadership, and managing risk. Some recent examples include Linkedin, Pfizer Inc, Amazon, Facebook, and many others.

This powerful combination of people, process, and place unforgettably shifts minds, lifts hearts and stirs souls. We promise that our work together will not be dull.

What do we do?

“We meet, we climb, we educate, we explore, we laugh & have fun, & we inspire by breathing fresh air back into the way we think and act in the great outdoors” – Jason Black




Our Overnight Irish Expeditions are simply designed to build a stronger Education and a greater skillset to give you the confidence to Explore safely the great outdoors.

– Jason black

Price Includes...

  • Expedition Tents provided
  • International expedition leader
  • Expedition experience
  • 2 full expedition mountain days
  • 1 night wilderness camping
  • Wilderness first responder
  • Expert designed itinerary
  • 15% Outdoor gear discount GOJB15
  • Great Fun and Laughs

Not included

Sleeping bags |  Personal Equipment | Expedition food | Personal cooking equipment | Snacks | Good weather.

Expedition weekend covers...


  • Expedition planning and leadership
  • Navigation and Route-planning
  • Expedition Pace, Purpose, Patience
  • Remote Incident Management 
  • Efficient travel on exposed terrain
  • Expedition pack management
  • Expedition campcraft and hygiene
  • Expedition food and cooking training
  • Expedition Leave no trace training

Our approach...

The exact route depends on the weather conditions and can be changed by the mountain leader on site if the conditions require it. Likewise, only mountains are climbed, which the mountain leader considers safe according to his personal assessment of the group strength. Thus, a change of the program is possible.

2022 Expedition Locations

27th-28th August
Bluestacks Mountains

The Bluestack Mountains in the province of Ulster, also called the Croaghgorm (Irish: na Cruacha Gorma, meaning 'the blue stacks') are the major mountain range in the south of County Donegal,

10th-11th sept
Galtymore Mountains

Galty mountains, situated in the province of Munster is one of Ireland’s highest peaks and is classified as a “major mountain.” It is one of the 13 Irish Munros and is part of the Galtymore Mountain range made up of sandstone and shale, with 24 peaks above 100 meters.

24th-25th sept Twelve Bens Mountains

The Twelve Bens or Twelve Pins, also called the Benna Beola (Irish: Na Beanna Beola, meaning 'the peaks of Beola') is a mountain range of mostly sharp-peaked quartzite summits and ridges in the Connemara National Park in County Galway, in the west of Ireland.

22nd-23rd Oct Snowdonia Massif

Based in Wales with our celtic friends - The principal climbs of Snowdon massif itself will be the Glyderau, the Carneddau, the Moelwynion

29-30th october

The Maumturks or Maamturks (Irish: Sléibhte Mhám Toirc; the mountain of the pass of the boar) is a long, broadly-straight mountain range, consisting of weathered quartzite peaks in its central section, located in Connemara in County Galway, in the west of Ireland.
trainning 3-min

Your situation…

  • You know you’re looking for something different.
  • Your job developing your team can be difficult, creatively challenging, and hugely rewarding.
  • You know something needs to shift – but you might struggle to put your finger on exactly what needs changing.
  • You know you need to reconnect, refocus, and re-energise your team.
  • Does this feel familiar?

Courage. Challenge. Change.

Do those words inspire something that feels great, or are they a little daunting?
Let us reassure you, at The Fresh Air Leadership Company, care is a constant – and it’s just one of our vital values.

We offer a space that is physically and emotionally safe, so that you feel free and inspired to explore new ways of thinking and being.

Our promise…

We want you to feel engaged, safe, challenged, committed and inspired.

We want you to walk away feeling a greater sense of confidence in your skills and ability.

We want you to feel refreshed by our open, honest, professional approach and to be truly moved by our purest mountaineering ethics and expedition experience.

Some really amazing learning came out of the expedition training. Jason’s expertise is different gravy. You can’t go and buy this experience off the shelf. 

– Michael Coleman


Your leadership adventure starts here.

Your leadership adventure starts here.

  • A damned good listening to, with someone who holds you to account
  • Energised conversations – outdoors or closer to home
  • An improvement in the quality of your team’s creative thinking
  • To explore and evolve new perspectives through a physical and metaphorical journey
  • To develop real trust, communicate honestly, and collaborate well in complex scenarios…

Then you also know you need the unforgettable experiences we offer.

All you need to know starts here.


GOJB15 My personal discount code for  https://greatoutdoors.ie/shop/camping

 Base Layers

  • 1x Long sleeve top base layer.


  • 1x Fleece to be worn over base layer
  • Hiking trousers


  • Waterproof  Jacket
  • Waterproof bottoms

Insulation Layers

  • Warm jacket lite (Insulated Down or Synthetic Jacket)


  • 1x Warm woollen Hat (ski hat)
  • 1x Baseball Cap to shade your face
  • 1x Bandana Jason provides on arrival.


  • Sunglasses (optional)
  • Reading glasses 


  • 1x Gloves 


  • 2x Hiking Socks 
  • Hiking Boots: broken in and comfortable.

Sleeping Equipment

Mountaineering Gear

  • Expedition Backpack: approximately 50/60L
  • Dry bag or Black Bags: to waterproof inside of backpack 
  • Trekking Poles: adjustable (optional)
  • Headlamp: with 1 extra sets of new batteries
  • Compass 
  • 1:50,000 scale ISO Discovery series Map of the mountain range 

Travel Items

  • Travel Clothes and Shoes:leave in car for days travelling to and from weekend.

Personal Cooking equipment & Gas 

Expedition Food Items

  • Here is a great solution to all your expedition foods 
  • Arrive with breakfast Saturday
  • Lunch saturday on the mountain
  • Dinner saturday night; Dried expedition foods or noodles etc
  • Breakfast sunday morning; porridge add water. 
  • Lunch sunday on the mountain; Dried expedition foods.
  • Tea /coffee; Nescafe 3n1

Additional Food Items

  • Snack Food: bring a few days supply of your favourite climbing snack food such as bars, gels, mixed nuts, beef jerky, etc. variety of salty and sweet is good

Other Equipment

  • Plastic mug
  • Plastic Bowl
  • Plastic spoon 
  • Water Bottle
  • Water bladder for your Backpack (optional)
  • Water Treatment tabs
  • Thermos (optional)
  • Sunscreen
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, baby wipes and hand sanitiser
  • Small Personal First-aid Kit: include athletic tape, band-aids, Ibuprofen, blister care, etc.
  • Toilet paper
  • Small Garden trowel to bury your shit
  • Zip lock bag to bring your toilet paper home

Mandatory kit

    • A smile and a sense of humour. 

Difficulty: Beginner to advanced; no previous mountaineering experience necessary; moderate fitness is helpful

At Jason Black Mountaineering, we strive to ensure that many of our programs are open to anyone with reasonable physical fitness. If you can hike 10km each day with a back pack on, then you’re able for the hiking weekend.  If you have a pre-existing medical condition or adverse medical history please let Jason know. 

At Jason Black mountaineering we provide the lightest available, high-quality mountaineering tents on overnight expedition courses. Clients will set up tents and establish camp, and cook.

During Jason Black overnight expeditions you will be provided a light weight two person expedition tent.

On Jason Black Irish Expeditions you will be required to carry a portion of the group gear one lite tent one 30m rope and your personal dried foods and small stove, in addition to your personal gear, sleeping bag & sleeping mat. 
Please take this into consideration as you choose which personal items and large backpack you critically need. Be prepared to carry between 10 kg. An adequately sized weekend expedition backpack is required.

On Jason Black Irish Expeditions we start 8am early on Saturday morning and finish at 4pm on Sunday evening. Once you book on to the weekend, you will receive a location of where to meet, all the information you require is in the FAQ section above.