Gutted isn’t the word …

Sitting in my mountain hard wear 2 meter tent feasting on left over dried foods and ‘ tai tea ‘ – don’t ask! Had a great nights sleep and ready to greet civilisation again which proves difficult but so needed after a month not talking to a single person on the outside world. Dreaming of what to eat first when i come home- outside of a tin tai chinese best in the world right now nothing else matters! ‘ sad lol ‘. Camped on the Katiltna Glacier waiting to be airlifted by a fart of a wee plane and a crazy adrenaline fueled pilot navigating through this white-washed wilderness to pick up i suppose an equally possessed man – ME! lol

Love to all and a thanks again to all who helped me to getting where i am today and my experience on Mt McKinley , J xxx

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  1. Dorothy Black

    Don’t care how crazy the pilot is,bet he’s good at it and gets you back for your flight home!!that will just be like a roller coaster ride ,sooooo glad you’r coming home xx

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