Getting to the start line’s the real battle.

I don’t know it you’ve ever experienced it, but for me getting to the damn start line is a bigger task than the race itself. And racing in America is no simple logistic process, shipping bikes, race equipment, roof racks, safety lighting, race food, medical supplies, spare wheels, tool kits & the 100 other items required coupled with the customs restrictions and pre clearance just boggles and exhausts the mind, but then that’s endurance.

Pedalling the globe up next is the World Cup series UMCA 1600km non stop endurance across Texas NCOM. Race starts Saturday 14th at 7am in a small rural Alpine town. The challenges will be huge with new elements of soaring heat as we cross the desert on route to the Mexican boarder which will test our hydration and food fuelling protocols , with the slightest risk in low salts sodium or potassium leading to dehydration of the muscle cramping and depleted performance. We are introducing several new structures to the race nutrition with an increased protein intake to protect the cell structure breakdown. Introduction at a later stage pre digested food in other words foods liquidised to relieve the body’s energy reserves from unnecessary work loads. Introduction of new core cooling systems to help lower the bloods core temps that should be very interesting. We’re introducing more hot meals as the race is long and hard placing huge demands on energy levels the use of typical race gels and bars will be minimised and sugars only introduced as a necessary sos fuel for brain food, so the nutritional plan for Texas has moved to a whole new level. The introduction of new race clothing improved endurance padding in the shorts , reflective heat reducing garment testing is a key learning from this experience. The other new intro has been the brain training in preparation for the long quite roads that go on for hundreds of kilometres without a single turn, day and night it’s going to be relentless with a cut off time of 96hrs to finish. Equipment wise we’re testing new tyres wider tyres running at different tyre pressures to hone in on road roll speeds surface drag with uneven surfaces as the decelerate roads at times will be like riding on porridge, which if not managed properly can have devastating effects on the nether region down under. As this race is a development race on a progressional plan for the mighty 5000kms race across America next June 2018 we are introducing a wonderful new member to the voodoo performance team 18yoa Aimee Mc Gill who’s going to be an exciting influence bringing her own young energetic creative skill set to this dynamic global endurance team. The team will be lead by crew chief Sharon Black supported by team veteran Dervla Mc Gill and another young but very experienced 18yoa Laura Black having worked on the voodoo performance team on multiple occasions looking after all the team & athlete nutrition and welfare has now commenced her sporting passion education at Dublin City University studying sport science & health. It’s not everyday your father becomes your case study.

The team flew out Tuesday in preparation for the race and an opportunity to acclimatise prepare, Cross the T and dot the final I ….. signal in the desert areas will be weak and the team will hope to get update out and hoping you will have an opportunity to follow the teams race performance as it unfolds.

On a personal level Jason’s development this year from race across Italy – winning race around Ireland and the final development race here in Texas has been incredible.

“I enjoy the suffering in that physical sense. When you can endure suffering to certain level, great things come from it. Mine is self inflicted and there’s a physical & mental reward when you push yourself beyond what you think your capable of.

The rewards of Enduring and perseverance is something you can only experience if you do it…. let’s do it. ”