The summit bid is on…

Jason Black

The summit bid is on …keep you posted. “Somehow”

My time has come to say goodbye as my Mt Everest summit awaits at 29.089ft  (8848m).But before I go today its hard not to look back and remember fondly those early days roaming the Irish hills as a young cub-scout unconsciously laying a great foundation, my Sylvia compass in one hand and a dew damp map in the other navigating my way around a set up course hoping to correctly hit all the right co ordinances ,competing to be first finished.those days were so enjoyable with life long friends Clive, Keith Francie Adrain & Brian who can be still seen out enjoying the wonderful great outdoors Especially close to my heart Mt Errigal ,as we beat back the painful endurance of the Irish recession, if only for a few hours weekly.
So from Mt Errigal to today, I stand accountable infront of the wonder of the higest mountain in the world Mt Everest , so what has she in store for me,i ask myself.
Over the last 4/5weeks I’ve lived a life in a sometimes claustrophobic tent staring endlessly at my domed surface roof with a frosty icy surface that sparkles above as my head torch lights up my own personal sky.
Eating noodle soup day after day and an offering of an alternative flavor of tomato chicken or mushroom feels like Christmas morning but beggars can’t be choosers …lol.
Yes expedition life on mt Everest quickly removes you from all the simple sensual pleasures of modern home life and its simply down to survival at these crazy super high altitudes.
Yet today I feel a real sense of pride and ambition as I pack away my Donegal and Irish flag into my summit rucksack, I’ve a feeling of pleasurable anticipation and a surge of excitement yet flanked with a sense of responsibility to be the first to deliver the Donegal flag to the highest summit in the world and I wrote that with a lump in my throat.
For five weeks this mountain “Mt Everest” has been everything to me I feel I’ve become part of its heartbeat, it’s been my shellfish life,& I’ve been consumed totally with its majestic slender as it stands boastfully above all others in the world and the physical mental and emotional demands it has heavily placed upon me, taking me sometimes to within a human hair of breaking point, it’s been hard, hard work but pleasurable.
Defying some of my skeptics today I set of on my final leg to the top of the world. Checked and double checked I’ve all my gear for survival, hats gloves down suit moon boots – pee bottle lol , face pasted layer thick with sun cream ready for the blazing solar radiation at 10 times sea level strength.
Today’s a beautiful day. I woke to the days beautiful sunrise, mind full of mixed emotions could it be my last or will I stand proudly with the greatest view in the world , am I ready?, can I do this?, but how wonderful to have this chance to find out.
What a privilege to be here, and on this famous stage, playing out this final scene saying to myself, Jason – your never going to get a better chance, be proud be very very proud.
What a treat, I can hardly believe this is happening ,who could have imagined I would of ended up here?. A proud Donegal man from out the ramelton road, magheranan, acting the maggot and having great fun as a skinny young leap-about.
But life’s strange path has brought me here in a strange unpredictable way, it has led inexorably to this moment, as though all those other life adventures were a preparation for this greatest adventure of all…Lastly before I set of I’d like to thank everyone for there wonderful support & good wishes.

I hope to do you all proud.

To my family thank you for allowing me to follow my dream and I will be forever grateful.

Finally Sharon, Laura, Kate, Billy & wee Ella words are immeasurable at this crossroads ..

Now I’m off to physically stand closer – if only for a brief moment in time, with my Mother Freda and my brother Billy since there untimely departure from this world.