Summit next 2 days. Fingers crossed guys.

Just sitting at the yellow band at just below the death one at 8000mts – FREEZING mean really FREEZING .. Summit next 2 days .. Fingers crossed guys.
Guys can’t believe my luck switched on my phone and don’t know how this has happened but I’ve got one bar on a Chinese reception.
Anyway quickly guys I’m on the final push the last few days have been just brutal but in a sick way unbelievable. Outside of the pain the views and sights of gods play garden for the slightly mad has been just life changing and that’s a chapter for another day, life changing and inspirational and a damn good way to really find my myself.

Tonight now its 9.40 here and I’m sitting just meters from the death zone – sounds so dramatic but trust me it is.
So many life’s have been lost here already 14 about the death zone at 8000mts and sadly I lost a good friend who I met first day in Kathmandu because the route is a lonely old place we most days hooked up for a cuppa to discuss our plans ahead .
Well yesterday Namgil, who was to me a super guy became number 15 and my heart today is so heavy.
His body just gave up and he dropped on route, tomorrow on my way I will pass Namgil as he’s still up ahead and I will give him a good Irish prayerful goodbye.
So as I sit pitched high on a very, very windy north ridge – gales are 80mph +  and I hope this tent holds out or I’m for a speedy run.
Everest summit above now waits guys and I’ve got a date with distany..
Plenty of prayers very welcome.
Can serious express how much you guys mean to me and the encouragement has been breath taken I hope to do you all very proud over the next few days.

and for the kids of Donegal I’ve got some pretty quality photos to show you all.

That all for now…