Rip good mountain friend Namgil.

I’m Currently working on a Summit blog for you all in the mean time in reference to a previous blog I wrote, heres some more information on Namgil.

Namgil was a young 40 year old seasoned climber and has numerous MT Everest summits to his name and has climbed all the big routes and peaks in the Himalayas. Namgil was so in aww of mt Everest that last year 2011 from the napalise side he hand picked a team of Sherpa climbers with minimal funding and cleaned Mt Everest south side top to bottom removing old ropes and Debre left behind after years of expeditions.
He spoke about Mt Everest with passion & pertection hoping no day that she would become spoiled and remain the worlds greatest mountain to summit. Tonight united they both are forever, as his body will never be removed breaking tabu.
I fondly write this remembering this nice pleasant person so modest and full of information and inspiration for my climb helping me with weather and details of what lay ahead and how to prepare for them..and a smile as big as a house…
Rip good mountain friend