Nylam to Thingri 4300mts

First of all, my condolences and prayers are with all the people that have been affected by the Boston Marathon Bombings it is truly unsettling that a marathon could be a target for such evil.



Next episode from my ER trip to Everest… Man… woke up 7am “Chinese time” after a great nights sleep, Tummy sick as a wee hospital and i’ll keep this as clean as I can, let’s just say it was flowing both ends… Hahaha funny now, 12hrs ago not as funny. So I put a “shitty” day in literally. Nima felt it was a mixture of antibiotics -change in food – altitude all rolled into one. “Nothing a good flushing out wont sort” thank goodness there’s no big deal over here on running to the hedge anyway enough about that or ill put you all your breakfast.

Today altitude progression plan with Nima Sherpa was straight forward and simple spent the day moving up to 4300mts ,but we had to go over a few passes at 5000mts and boy could you feel the altitude tearing at the lungs..it felt like sucking air through a straw and gasping for more that just didn’t exist.
Today’s route was spectacular, barren cold bit we were surrounded by the most beautiful high snow capped mountains scaling 7000mts plus, names I could even start to pronounce. Took loads for fantastic photos which when I get back ill share with you all. It’s hard even to put into words or pictures how vast the Himalayan mountain are there huge & towering.
Today got a chance to meet some of the true Tibetan country people, so kind and inviting ,there homes so simple and of a construction suited to the cold open conditions high up here. And farming to them is critical in there survival – little by the way of machinery ,Yaks ” large high altitide cows ” pulling hand held plows in zero temps, there culture & existance so primitive yet practical, there dress colourful & a greeting smile the size of a house, so so humbling.
Didn’t eat alot today “as explained” just trying to give the body a chance to recover. Got into Thingri where were going to stop Over for two nights to give the body acclimation chance , going to checkout a local climb up to 5000mts + tomorrow and back down which help with the body’s adjustment.
Thingri is the most one horse town I’ve ever seen one street – the Tibetan have a great love for dogs ad there’s 500 dogs in this town “yes 500” twice the population of the town,crazy and seriously hungry looking beasts.
There’s absolutely no English spoke but by now my hand signs is perfected enough to find the toilet & get food & water “vital”.
As we’re now very close to base camp a lot of the big teams ares coming through here also on route to Everest. We believe the first team “Chinese”has arrived in base camp and we should arrive in the next 48hrs or so.
So that’s today , it’s 11pm Chinese time here now ,I’m feeling much better and I good form , feeling strong and very focused again on the challenges that lay ahead.

That’s it for today guys.. love to all back home & I hope your enjoying the road to Everest as much as I am.


I’ve got very little contact with home or what’s happening outside of my Mt Everest summit bid bubble but I am receiving some, I also received a message that a good old business friend of mine “joe bid Gallagher” wasn’t well in hospital – so Joe my good friend I wish you a speedy recovery back to the Main Street, your in my prayers tonight Joe.
oh and a happy birthday to my beautiful sister Tanya .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ..