Nylam 3600mts – Altitude training today 3600mts to 4700mts

Monday here now 2.35pm Chinese time & we are a day ahead of scheq.

Chilly night in Nylam and the base layers all full on & that’s where they will stay for the next two months,Just in case you didnt know there’s no showers and the jocks, base layers & socks will be welded to me by the time i get back to Kathmandu for a shower,so glad there’s a fresh breeze blowing up here … hahahah

Up early 6am (nimas early riser) Give the Ear infection a dam good going over with anti boitics AMOXICILLIN 500mg well it will either kill me or cure me,I also filled ith with an ear drop that Adrain wasson gave me by chance just before i left Letterkenny “lucky break” THANK YOU Adrain.So lets see how the Ear drama unfolds over the next few days,ill appoligise of spellings or going off on a waffle as im as high I recon on ever poison I can get into me to ensure i keep my summit bid alive.Breakfast was made up of yesterdays leftover rice with milk added and it comes out some thing like porridge but a far cry from the porridge billy black make back home,Two boiled eggs and hot tea.

So headed off to climb up to 4700mts “dosnt sound like much but its about 6 and a half times Mt Errigal back in my beloved hills of Donegal”.

Climbed very well and altitude didn’t hit me to badly even tho it was only 8.17kms it was pritty, pritty steep 1000 mts up at an avereage of 1.8km per hour was the pace.The oxygen level were light so had to suck hard on air “now now” hahaha.

And for the tech heads out there the blod oxygen saturation levels during the climb were measuring 80% to 88% recovering to 96% in about 1 min or so all in all my body is dealing with the altitude presures quite well,lets hope that continues.

Nima great company and just a few years older than my self married with few kids were very much on the same page on values in life.Hes never in a rush ” but then again thats seams to be the way out here “and theres a lesson in that for the rest of us.

Nima gombu for those thats just joined in is my climbing sherpa aged 42 and has summited Mt Everest 17 times and with me fingers crossed this will be his 19th summit,He is so modist when we take about the magic of Mt Everest and he says that every time he climbs it its very different throughing at him new obsticals & challanges.His respect for this climb has to be seen to believe, its so so serious hes always reminding me, we only have premission to enter the mountain and we are at the hands of the mountain gods if willing to allow us summit & survive.

were back tonight in Nylam 3600mts and tomorrow were moving ever closer as head for last stop Thingri before we roll into base camp at 17.000ft or 5,151mts were we will aclimatise for at least 4 days before moving forward to intrim and advance base camp.

well im off to try and heat up as its frigging freezing as im typing, head off now pop some more pills and stick on the spuds< well actually the guys will have that done they do a mean nepal dal bat, trust me up here anything tastes nice as long as its warm…Then sleep early as we move on up the valley tomo to Thingri.

After today im gonna struggle to get regular updates out so ill do my best.


Guys THANK YOU so much for the kind comments and well wishes from back home they really are up lifting and very motivating up here.

(ps sorry about spelling but sharon will tell you NEVER my strong point) …lol

Love u all

Talk soon


love you Sharon laura kate Billy & my wee Ella.xxxxxx