Next leg of MT EVEREST summit bid itinerary

Next leg of MT EVEREST summit bid itinerary
So I’ve come to the next major step in my Mt Everest summit bud itinerary.
But before I do the strangest thing happened today, I forgot to say earlier that mt Everest base camp is a totally restricted area it’s quarantined and only mt Everest summit team permit holders have access, anyway woke up this morning after a great nights sleep crawled out of my tent to wash my teeth and all I could here was click click click turning around I could see on a small raised hill about 200 meters away was these 20 or so tourists “that had made there way to sight see” were on the outer perimeter of the camp taking photos and pointing at me like I was a lab rat on Everest, Jesus I’d say they were some top pics hair standing, giving myself a good old scratch & a few yawns thrown in “all I could do was laugh”.
I’m in good form physically & mentally fully rested and on top of all the sickness.
Tomorrow Sunday Nima and myself will be SLOWLY heading back up to ABC .

Here’s how it works !!

Sunday 28th interim camp
Stay overnight rest there.

Monday 29th arrive ABC & recovery

Tue 30th ABC recovery day

Wed 1st climb north col 7000mts touch & back to north col

Thur 2nd ABC recovery day

Fri 3rd climb north Col 7000mts & sleep there

Sat 4th climb up to camp 2 just below death zone @ 7700mts & back to north col 7000mts & sleep there.

Sun 5th back to ABC rest

Monday 6th back to BC for rest & recovery

Tuesday 7th wait for weather window top open to go for the summit
Between 15 -25th May.

So that’s the proposed plan of attack on Everest but that can change due to a lot of factors – tiredness – fatigue – acclimatisation – weather – sickness etc…
It’s so hard to keep it all together as there’s so many aspects to the expedition that it only takes one mistake or poor judgement and its all over.
So there it is after tomorrow again ill struggle to get any posting out due to poor communication at super altitude.
Keep me in your prayer or thoughts over the next 2 weeks as I see what mt Everest has in store for me this time around.
Thank you all again for the support you have shown myself here and most importantly my family back home “whom I think have at times a harder job on there hands than me on Everest”

See ya in 10days guys