Greetings from Thingri

Hi all
Had a Good day today slept great and my health in super shape “ears nearly heeled”& I’m feeling strong ,focused and positive.
Today was spent again in Thingri where we climb up a mountain prob same size as mt Errigal back home which brought my altitude training just under 5000mts, ” the reason nima & i are doing these type of climbs on the way into Everest basecamp is that the higher we go the less & less oxygen exists the body needs to get what ever O2 there is to the vital organs asap so the blood which carries our o2 will produce more red blood cells to help speed up the process & for the kids tuned in its like you’ve gotta party at your home & your all heading to the century Cimena in town so mum or dad needs bigger car or two “. My body’s handling the altitude change well as todays climb round trip was 4hrs 30mins with average heart rate 128 bpm peaking @ 158 bpm , so my body’s adjusting positively to the lack of oxygen – again for the tech junkies out there my
Spo2 “oxygen in my blood ” levels are coming average 88% – 90% & heart rate at 83bpm at 4500mts.

Anyway today’s been super during the day temps are good with the sunshine & shockingly cold at night .
Nima had a super surprise for me today as we summit the altitude climb  today there it was looking straight at me “MT EVEREST ” standing there so majestically & so. powerfully dwarfing all the other huge & famous 8000 meter peaks of cho oyu & in the distance i could see makalu again super sonic high all at astonishing 8000mts plus but its as if  all on bended knee paying homage to the mighty Mt Everest king of them all proudly boasting highest place in the world 29.022 ft.
My jaw dropped open as it reminded me ” that I could forget ” how huge in magnitude  Mt Everest stands in splender ..
Mt Everest in napalise translates to the “seeing head, according to Nima Sherpa.
On top we could make out the flum “snow storm”Been whipped up with obviously the fierce winds on the summit.
Nimas great there’s never no rush we sat had a cuppa tea ” as you do, your not Irish if dont have the tea”
Let’s say it its not everyday that you get a chance to have a cuppa tea and have Mt Everest as your personal view ” ok now I’m bragging “hahaha sorry .
Back down to Thingri for the night eat ,rest & recovery was the order of the evening .food along the ways been good loads of rice noodles & chinese veg lovely & fresh – i haven’t taken in alot of meat only in small amounts but im propping the protein requirement up with supplements .So last pack of my bags & a quick kit check as its off to mt Everest base camp 5300mts tomo morning breakfast @ 7.30 am Chinese time & hit the trail at 9am.
so super excited and apprehensive to finally get to the base of the biggest mountain, and under no illusion as to the physical & mental Challange that’s ahead. But that’s what I’ve come here to do.

Got speaking to my family tonight which was great… Funny the simple things.!!!

Well guys catch ya tomorrow where I hope to be mailing you from base camp but for now
Greetings from Thingri

Jason .

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