Day Two – just arrived in kathmandu

Hi Guys

Just arrived i kathmandu after a long haul flight which felt like i travelled round the world in one day.
Arrived to be greeted by my climbing sherpa Nima Gombu & wait for it hes a 17 times everest summiteer “totally humbling”,So i think im in prity good guiding hands.
Any way we stepped out of the airport in kathmandu to what can only be discribed as complete caos …there are everwhere people shouting and pointing & calling you over wishing to sell you things help you with your bags …bedlum pure madness.But then it grips you, its magical a way of life for the napalise in kathmandu ,this is how its done get used to it “or can you”.Its really great to be back, quickly you remember how friendly they are ,there smile the size of the polestar at the mt errigal roundabout,The colours bright & beautiful & the smell drifts from car fumes to the most magical whiffs of curry & food back quickly to smog & bus fumes.Everyones juggling for road position ,tooting horns ..beeb beeb beeb ..yella yella yella its like been at the bumping cars as a kid…and then down a few streets to the hotel,friendly clean & basic ,jesus “who am i to complain im going to be living in a tent for the next 8wks in -20/-40 deg” lolol.

Going to grab a quick bite of food with Nima now  and its up at 6am here as were away tomo to meet the Lama priest for our mountain blessing for a save passage & summit on Mt Everest then its of to the china embassy to secure my visa to cross over to tibet on saturday morning.So it another few days here in kathmandu sorting gear & kit out getting last min provisions resting up and then we kick start proper on saturday morning.

Well guys thats it for today nothing major to report, nima said broadband on north side of Mt Everest is nertually zero,so lm gonna try phone updates to the site “fingers crossed” photos will be sparce but ill do my best.

So off to catch a few zzz n bed for now and will touch base tommorow.

From kathmandu good night.