Exciting news – Race Around Ireland 2017

This weekend the Voodoo performance Global endurance Team takes on the 1200km Irish Ultra Challange 2017. listed as one of the World’s Toughest Endurance qualifying race for “Race across america” ,with elite riders from all over the world, endeavouring to finish this mammoth adventure in the allotted 68hr cutoff time. Jason Black already a qualifier for RAAM in his recent result “Race across Italy” said this is the next stage in our teams development as we move up in milage to 1200km and Race across Texas in October moving up the development to 1600km. All with an ultimate goal to prepare for Race across america in June 2018. The Challanges this weekend will be to endure the tough Irish roads, harsh Irish weather conditions, sleep deprivation, nutrition & hydration and ensuring a positive mental attitude racing night and day, The Voodoo performance team for the race is been lead by Crew Chief – Boyd Robinson, Laura Black – Nutrition, Ivan Parke – logistics, Michael Regan – social media, Claire Horan – athlete welfare. The race starts on Sunday 27th August. Scheduled start time 4pm. Updates will be posted on the race tracker & throughout the race here and on the Jason Black social platforms.




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