2014 Expedition Alaska in the Arctic circle – Mt McKinley 21.000ft 

The Full West Rib Expedition 2014 Expedition Alaska to the Arctic circle – took on the might & cold of Mt Mc KINLEY. Standing north Americas highest mountain 21,000ft the base to peak rise is considered the largest of any mountain situated entirely above sea level. Measured by topographic prominence, it is the third most prominent peak after Mount Everest and Aconcagua. Ascending the challenging west rib ridge route (yellow) completing the mountain by traverse, exiting via the west buttress (red) while pulling his survival supplies in by sled.

Yellow marks my ascent route parallel to the cassin ridge & in red marks my decend route back out.

Denali / Mc Kinley “The Full West Rib Expedition 2014“.Ive been training solid since returning from Mt Everest in preparation for this very next Expedition into the coldest and remotely isolated mountain in the world. “The High One” in may will present a very different test to my body & my mind. Conditions physically will be brutal with temp dipping to -40 and the mental battle with the cold hungry & isolated environment having self believe as your only allie.



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