Day5: Death Valley

On Day5 at 07.13, Jason left Camp1 at 7800ft. and headed for ‘Camp above Death Valley’.

At 12.41, Jason wrote “I’m making camp here at 9012ft. Carrying double loads (40kg a load). Weather’s good but incoming storm overnight..”

At 19.34, Jason wrote from 8986ft. “I’m starting my trip up to 11000ft. carrying half my load 40kg .Plan to move at 11pm & climb till morning. Storm on way till Wednesday. Dug my tent in and made iceblock walls for protection against storm. Forms good&strong. Eating powder food & melting snow ice for water . Sitting  in middle of death valley next camp is ‘base of chicken couleur’ to get on to West Rib. Difficult to route as first to ascent this year. Bye for now”.

Images below include (1) The Chicken Couleur ( Camp at foot of West Rib ) and (2) The route Jason is taking on Mount McKinley.