Day Four – Heading to tibet via chinese border.

Its 5am (Nepal) 12.30am (Ireland) early start this morning as we aim to get to the chinese border nice and early,its takes between 4/5 hrs from Kathmandu.From there we head onwards to Tibet which will be my first time and im so looking forward to the culture, smells & food.

Keep ya posted laters


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  1. Best of luck on your climb Jason,safe journey!

  2. Jason the best of luck and safe climbing. You have the hard training done so go for it man and keep safe.

    Seamus Morrison

  3. Enjoy lad. Your rugby team won their last game of the season today so beer flowing in downtown 🙂

  4. Best of luck lad, what an experience. Hopefully some day. Safe journey.

  5. an amazing experience, enjoy every minute and safe journey Jason. god bless x x

  6. good man keep her lit now and get home safe half the boys in the leb are asken about you owen asken every day how your getting on i keep telling him the same ..he can shanke your hand when your back and ask you himself how you did it

    1. Hi Jason good luck in te mountains take care ….

  7. Fair Play Jason. Safe Climbing.

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