Day 1/Day2 : Basecamp 7000ft.

As you all know , Jason is currently climbing Mount McKinley in Alaska. He is 9 hours behind our GMT time so blogging can get a bit muddled. Jason is taking the West Rib route on Mount Mc Kinley. This involves him pulling a sled with his bags and supplies to the bottom of the mountain ( also called the ‘cache’ ) and climbing from there upward. On Day1 , Jason left the small town “Tekketta” and headed for Basecamp at 7000ft. Jason made his last phone call home in Tekketta before beginning his climb , as from there upwards there is no coverage. Jason will be using a satellite tracker to keep in touch with family but this will only include short messages to let them know that he is doing good and how everything is going. His tracker also provides us with his location so from there we can track him and watch him ascend up the mountain. On Day 2 , Jason left basecamp at 7000ft. and headed for the ‘cache’. Here he left his sled and began climbing with a heavy load to camp 1 at 7800ft. With coordinates we have tracked Jason and pin pointed his exact trail. ( See images )

This is all the information we have recieved so far but there will be more updates shortly …Jason Denali Route