Computer says NOooo…..


Hi Guys.

Really struggling to get updates at the moment,  Not to worry I am keeping track of everything in a journal, good old pen and paper. From here on in It may be a few weeks before I can get anything else up, will try if network is in my favor.

Things are good, making good time and I’m doing well, its all up hill from here 🙂

Much love


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  1. Always in our thoughts mate. Keep up the good work. Dave

  2. Onwards and upwards x In our Prayers xxxx

  3. keep up the good work cuz and keep safe..x

  4. Stay safe cuz.. Keep up the good work, will look 4ward 2 the next update.. Hope all goes well..xx

  5. Jason!! Was aimlessly standing about today and thought wonder what the hell Jason’s up to ??”climbing ice!” Always thinking about you and sending all my positive energy your way.
    Much love and hugs dude ! x

  6. If you can manage to squeeze out an email to [email protected], we’ll put it up! Stay safe Jason

  7. Goodman superman!!!! Top of the world soon

  8. Yes Jason, Good luck and best wishes from all the the usual suspects. Keep safe and well. Talk to you soon. Brian

  9. Glad to hear everything’s going well jazzer.really enjoying the updates,keep em comin.keep safe and good luck…!!

  10. yr doing terribe hope u servive but

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