Before something great happens – everything falls apart.

The Human mind if not careful can be my greatest friend or my greatest enemy…. and my oh my thats been the case.
Returning from NCOM racing across Texas was tough and hard to except that Elements beat me, the heat, the lack of knowledge all would result in a retirement…the unknown, surly not…..It hurt… now i had a choice, what was i going to do let it eat me or make me stronger.
Brain Training equally as if not more important that physically training the body.
“You didn’t get up this morning just to be mediocre, be incredible… So no more excuses – excuses don’t live here anymore, excuses aren’t invited to this party, excuses are virus, get them out of your life remove them, take responsibility, accountably and continue to work dam hard , continue to believe Jason” … and all this as i brush my teeth each morning.
Show that character, desire to continue with a heart filled determination, showing a purpose following that dream focused to be the best, making a commitment to show greatness to fight back to rise to the top, excepting not always to see the summit but believing its their and with each step getting closer, stronger fitter faster more powerful…2018 awaits

If you can believe it you can achieve it.

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