Day One – Bags packed – Tickets in hand – Plane awaits for Kathmandu


Well folk bags are packed – Tickets in hand & the plane awaits as i sit at the gate waiting depart for a long haul trip to Abu Dhabi then on to Kathmandu and ill arrive 4pm tommorow prob completely jet wrecked …forms good had a tough day saying my goodbyes to my family ,my 4 beautiful kids and the most wonderful women who is my world …Sharon.
Ok lets get this done see you all soon on my arrival in Nepal…

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  1. margaret

    HI Jason
    Always knew you where a mad thing but not this mad!! Seriously you are brilliant to commit to what must be a real passion and just go for it. Will be thinking of you everyday of your adventure and will keep Sharon company some of the evenings, not that she needs it!! All the Devenneys said good luck aswell, you mind yourself, Maggie

    1. voodooascent

      Thanks Margaret. Its great to know we have support from good people like your self from home.

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