Arrived at the North Coll 7,090mtrs

Hi all,

Just got call from the boss! He has arrived at the North Coll 7,090mtrs 2day after a 5 hour hard trek. He’s feeling really gud n strong. Staying there 4 couple of nites n heading 2 camp 2 7,700mtrs on Friday. He will head back 2 base camp over weekend and wait 4 window 2 open 4 summit then! All on track. He sends his best wishes 2 u all.

Sharon x 😉

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  1. Nearly There:)


  3. Fab news. Dave

  4. Sharon stop pretending that he’s the boss we all know who the real boss is :)) Great to hear he’s back on track 🙂

  5. Good to hear & best wishes on summit bid and above all safe home !

  6. good man head down ass up now and keep her lit

  7. Good news Jason keep going and stay safe .sharon hope you and the kids are good nearly there now x

  8. Great progress Jason it i’ll be no problem for you

  9. Great news Jason. Keep safe. Loving the updates. Enjoy the adventure. From the O’Hara’s 🙂

  10. ur doin brilliant cuz.. keep it up.. stay safe xx 🙂

  11. Well done Jason.Amazing to say the least.Great party last night in the house Sharon.Hope the breakages were not too bad.Michael

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