A window into a different world of pain endurance and bravery.

A window into a different world in sport of pain endurance and bravery is currently underway as ultra marathon cyclists race solo unsupported around ireland in the transatlantic way 2500km endurance race. 

As the race now travels through my home county of Donegal & With three riders out front the main body of the race approaches Letterkenny this morning, so if you see a solo rider tired cold and hungry give thought that they have just started and have a hell of a long way to go.. well let’s just say five more days nonstop.. yes nonstop.

The concept dreamt up with my fellow race around Ireland competitior Adrain o Sullivan him self a crazed ultra racer has set the task for rider from the four corners of the world to survive the wild Atlantic coastline of Ireland unsupported and solo “meaning they do it all themselves totally and completely” , which in itself is bonkers. Think wetcloths ,think mechanical breakdown,think food alone,think medical, sickness pains cramping dehydration, think saddle sores feet sores knee or neck pain, actually think about staying awake for days and days .. think think think right you can’t really can you.. and by now your thinking no why but then why not..in this world they don’t think well at least once they cross the start line, they go into auto pilot hold on tight and ride and ride and ride blocking everything out the ability to take control of your mind is the key , it’s the real boss the real driver in the crusade of been able to endure it all day after day… so why do it … well mmmmh because they can. And the bonus is they get to see the most beautiful rural coastline in he world .. especially in Donegal, but then you knew that. 

If you see them toot well wishes of kindness a smile or a hauler of Allie Allie makes the world of difference in their head. 

For once thankfully im on the roadside Rooting  and Tooting but not for long.. Follow progress www.transatlanticway.com

Hats off …. you remarkable atheletes. 

May the road rise to meet you, not to high but high enough to see the horizon ahead. 

#inspire #voodooperformance